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ANGELCARE: The Angelcare AC417 Wireless Baby Movement Monitor

Rest assured while your baby is sleeping. It’s only natural to be a bit anxious when you leave your baby alone in the crib, but baby needs rest – and so do you!

Babies have shorter sleep cycles than adults (about 60 minutes versus our 90), and many parents wake up when babies stir in the lighter sleep between cycles. Whether the baby is sleeping in your room or in the nursery, the Angelcare AC417 Wireless Baby Movement monitor can give you the peace of mind to relax until baby really needs you. See, hear and track your little one from a single integrated system.

Angelcare provides parents with an integrated system that monitors baby as well as senses and tracks baby’s movement.

The under-the-mattress Movement Sensor Pad is designed to detect even the tiniest movements, and will alert you if no motion is detected after 20 seconds. Ideal for newborn babies to those starting to reach and explore their world.

The monitor includes many other features that are a result of research based design and advanced technology:

Movement activity and room temperature reports covering last two months

The activity tracking system continuously monitors for movement and records a data point every ten seconds. If one or more movements is detected, then the system records your baby as being “active” during that time period.  Three times every hour the system complies the collected data and the Movement Activity Report is updated. Any worries about your child’s sleep cycles? Bring the device at your next pediatrician appointment to show the datas.

4.3” (11 cm) LCD touchscreen parent unit

Our new larger screen displays a digitally secure picture, while tracking movement and room temperature for up to 2 months.

Wall-mount or tabletop camera

This is the first wall-mountable baby monitoring camera with a stylish slim-design that does not sacrifice key features. It is wide-angle, low profile with high-end flat-mount cables, has a digital zoom (2x) and pan.  Can be placed on a flat surface as well. This is also the only monitoring camera on market that displays room temperature in the nursery (turns red for too warm and blue for too cool).


The monitor has many other features, discover them all!

You’re not alone in this new adventure, Angelcare will be here whenever you need us!

‘‘After having a premature baby with our first child, we knew we wanted a monitor that would provide some extra peace of mind with our second. This monitor does just that. The movement tracking and alarm gives us so much comfort, knowing that we can keep an extra close watch on our baby and be alerted about any abnormal activity. The display is clear and easy to use, and the camera works great. We love this monitor!’’

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