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Blog: Babbling in the Bahamas (Summer Infant Babble Band Review)

As anyone who has been through a baby’s first year can tell you, it is one of the most incredible and challenging times of life. Between fertility challenges, getting ready for baby to arrive, surviving her first year, keeping up with family commitments, and dealing with other life changes, like a promotion at work for me, and my wife working through the struggles of post-partum mood disorder (more on that in another post), we were overdue for a break. So we decided to take a vacation, just the 3 of us, for some R&R in the Bahamas.

By the Pool

Now some people might say that a vacation with a 14 month old isn’t exactly relaxing, and to be fair, it’s different than the way we used to vacation, but if you’re well prepared, it is totally worth it. The Summer Infant Babble Band arrived just in time for our trip and was one way to make our trip easier at bedtime. We splurged and got a room with a hot tub so that we could put our daughter to bed and enjoy a little time to ourselves and indulge in an all inclusive cocktail as well. The Babble Band was perfect for travel because it was small and compact, and easily fit into our suitcase. It was also great for the evenings when we’d just settle her in the crib, pop on the band, and head out to enjoy the beautiful breeze under the stars.

To make our time even more peaceful we used one of our favourite features of the Babble Band, the multi-monitoring modes. With this you can hear the full racket she’s making, or opt to just see a blinking light, or have the band vibrate to notify you when there’s noise in the room. For the most part we know she likes to cause a fuss when we put her down because she doesn’t want to miss out on playtime, so we would set it to the mute/sound light setting and just check in periodically using the handy “listen in” button in the centre of the band to make sure all was well. As per usual, she was always just chatting away to her bunny until we’d see her slowly taper off and she conked out.

product shot

One thing that took us (or should I say me) awhile to figure out was the pairing of the band and the monitor unit. I get techy stuff, so I figured, why read the instructions? Seems simple enough. Plugged it in, let it charge, so why couldn’t I get the thing to work? It didn’t help that I was in full vacation mode at this point and in the spirit of the Caribbean not really motivated to fix the issue right away. It wasn’t until my wife finally read the instructions (which luckily she had also packed), that we realized that you have to pair it when you first use it, which was a super simple process, and we were off to the races. The wireless charging is also awesome, so easy to just set the band on top of the base station and let it charge up. Just make sure to turn the band OFF before taking it near the station, otherwise it squeals on you (another thing I probably should have realized, but learned the hard way).

Though it waIn Cribs great for our vacation, I can see us using the Babble Band for a lot of other purposes too, now that we’re back. It will be handy for sleepovers at the grandparents’ houses, nap time in new locations, and even doing yard work at our house with the vibrate setting to let us know when she’s up from nap. This past weekend, it was time to get the mulch in all of our gardens, so we waited until she was down for her nap, I put on the band, and we went out and hand bombed 4 yards of black mulch over about 500 square feet of flower beds. It was awesome to not even worry about checking the monitor, since it just came with me everywhere I went, and when she woke up, I got that little buzz on my wrist, and we knew, nap time (and mulch time) was over.

We have been super impressed with the Babble Band. It works well, it’s a cool little wearable, and you don’t look like a huge dork when you wear it (even if it is only around the house!). It has an 800 metre range, which is awesome, although I don’t know that we would ever be 8/10 of a kilometre away from our daughter when she is napping, but it’s still impressive.  Kristen and I were also impressed by the price point, which makes the Babble Band something any family can add to their arsenal of baby gear.

We are hoping that this is a gadget that will last us through a few kids, with some heavy use!

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