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Baby Bedtime

The 6-step bedtime routine

Babies thrive on routine. You’ll hear that from every expert, and as your baby grows you’ll see first hand how right they are. One of the most important routines is the one before bed. Doing the same thing every evening will get your little one comfortable with the idea of going to sleep; which will help everyone in your home sleep better.

Step 1 – Have a bath


The warm water will make your little darling drowsy, and they’ll get used to bathing every day. Start with a pre-bath massage using natural oils to promote blood flow and relax their little muscles. When filling the tub with water, think Goldilocks and the Three Bears: not too cold, not too hot; just right. Then lull your baby into a state of bedtime-ready bliss by trickling warm water over their entire body and carefully washing off all the massage oil. Don’t forget the rubber ducky. Every good bath has one.

Step 2 – Take a walk


After the bath, a nightly stroll through the house is a good way to continue the winding down process. Dim as many lights as possible along your path, and turn off any radios, televisions or computers to keep stimulants to a minimum. Walk slowly while rubbing their back and humming softly; and make your way to a comfy rocking or gliding chair.

Step 3 – Eat


If you don’t want your little one to wake up hungry in the middle of the night, this is the time to eat. The more immediate benefit to feeding them before bed is that the energy they use to digest will tire them out even further. Remember to focus your attention on them when you’re feeding. It’s tempting to want to check your phone since all they’re focused on is eating, but you should resist. In addition to the non-verbal connection you can make with your baby if you lock eyes while they’re eating, the light from your device can distract them from eating and may even keep them from getting more tired.

Step 4 – Read a story


After a busy day, some quiet reading time is a wonderful bonding experience and an excellent way to help your baby’s language and cognitive skills develop. Remember to keep your voice low as you read to them, especially if they’re already in the crib. The goal is to lull them to sleep, not stimulate them with information. Best to choose two or three books and make those the bedtime books. Babies may not be able to understand the words, but they’ll come to recognize the sounds and pictures and associate them with sleep.

Step 5 – Leave the room


A cool but comfortable room is best for maintaining a deep sleep, so make sure the thermostat is set accordingly. Then lay your tot down on his or her back (always on the back) and turn on some serene sounds or white noise from an overhead mobile or Sleep Sheep. Give them a quick kiss goodnight and walk out. You may want to stand outside the door for a minute or two to make sure they’ve settled, but don’t walk in again unless you absolutely have to. The more steadfast you are with this, the easier it will be to sleep train them later on.

Step 6 – Turn on the monitor


A baby’s sleeping habits can be unpredictable—especially in the early stages. Until yours sleeps through the night (don’t worry, it’ll happen) consider yourself permanently on-call in round-the-clock shifts. Keep your trusty baby monitor handy so you know if your baby is in distress or starts to cry. Learning to decipher your baby’s cry is an instinctual skill set that will develop over time. Hungry? Wet diaper? Bad dream? You’ll soon be able to make the diagnosis in your sleep. Yes, sleep.

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