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Baby Food on the Go

Take these top 10 DIY baby food pointers and feeding tricks for fun, stress-free mealtimes in motion

The schedules of babies and toddlers, with their need for frequent small meals, can make parents feel like the only way to make it through the early years is to stick close to home. But for the sake of everyone’s happiness and sanity, you need to get out there!

Whether it’s for an afternoon at the local park or just hanging out with another mom and her baby, a little planning and organization in the DIY baby food department makes for stress-free feeding while you’re on the go.

On that note, we’re offering up these top 10 tips for mealtime on the go:

1. GThe Original Baby Bulleto DIY baby food: Start by making your own baby food. It’s less expensive and surprisingly easy.

Get started with our recipe below, using a Baby Bullet:
– 1/2 a banana
– 1 slice of pineapple
– 1/4 avocado

2. Cool cubes: Steam fruits and vegetables and cook meat and grains, then purée them in a food mill. Pour into ice cube trays, cover with plastic cling wrap and freeze. Once frozenBaby Cubes, release the cubes and put them into small plastic bags or containers which has been labeled with names and dates.

3. Start simple: Begin with single ingredients and smooth textures, and then introduce one new flavour at a time, watching for signs of sensitivities. Move on to different flavour combinations and chunkier textures slowly to expand your baby’s palette.

4Playtex Mealtime Fork and Spoon. Whole-istic thinking: Take an even simpler approach by bringing along foods like ripe bananas and avocados or baked sweet potato. You can scoop out these foods with a spoon in baby-bit portions.

5. Finger foods: These are important for keeping baby engaged as well as for developing their fine motor skills. Think crackers for toddlers, and soft fruits and vegetables cut into small pieces for younger eaters.

6. Great gear: Stock up on mobile feeding products, such as small containers for packing and serving baby food, wipe-able place mats, a foldable lightweight high chair, bibs and an insulat10-pack bibsed lunch box to carry everything in. Oh, and wipes. Lots and lots of wipes.

7. Car kit: If you’re someone who drives a lot, create a travel pack, which fits into the glove compartment of your car. Stock it with wipes, a knife for slicing fruit and extra crackers.

8. Two is better than one: Always bring two spoons. One for you and one for the happy eater. Holding a spoon while you’re scooping up a bit of baby food will distract your baby and (possibly) keep them from digging their hands into lunch. image9. Less can be more: Don’t expect baby to eat as much while you’re out as they’ll eat at home. They’ll be distracted by what’s go
ing on at the park or play date. And remember: Babies have little tummies the size of their palm—not the size of your palm!

10. Monkey see, monkey do: Bring along snacks for yourself, too. Babies learn by watching and are more likely to eat if you’re eating, too.

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