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Blog: Baby’s First Bath… and then many more: AngelCare Baby Bath Support Review

When I made my registry, I ticked off almost everything I thought I needed – The crib, the stroller, the car seat, the feeding essentials, and of course the cute little outfits and miniature socks that everyone loves.

And a couple days into parenthood, I learned that the right bath tub was the must-have essential I didn’t even realize I needed. Family had shared stories of “in our days we used the kitchen sink to bath baby!” So at the time, I really didn’t even think twice about its importance.

Bathing Ethan was very intimidating at first. He was so small and fragile. I actually made my husband do the first few baths as I was recovering from labour and my mobility was just not there to care for Ethan properly. I would stand by and pass my husband all the essentials. Ethan hated the bath at first, and we were fumbling our way through, also trying various bath tubs. I was given a few different bath tubs from family members, but I have to say that the best experience was when I finally got the AngelCare Bath Support.

Angelcare Bath SupportI love the AngelCare Bath Support. It has saved me amidst many “poo-mergencies” that have soiled the cutest outfits just as we are about to leave the house. Firstly, it is small and incredibly lightweight; I can move it around and get set up in the tub while still holding baby. Also in terms of its size, I am able to keep it in my bathroom without having my bathroom looking like a bomb of baby stuff.

When I place Ethan in the bath support, the mesh holds him in place, so when he starts to wiggle around he does not slide off the tub which is great from a safety standpoint. The design is great too: it slopes perfectly to work with baby curves so you do not need to do a lot of position adjusting.

After a few tries and cries from Ethan, bath time is now a success, he loves getting bathed! And those “poo-mergencies” I mentioned:  Because the bathtub is so lightweight and sturdy I can quickly move it  around the house in preparation for a sponge bath (this happens more often than you’d think).

So to me this is more than just a bathtub: It is a solution to any dirty crises that may arise when a changing table is just not sufficient. The mesh has holes all over so this is also great because the baby is not sitting in their own dirty water, the tub is in a recline position so you can just unplug your bath and the tub will drain out.

Rachel_BabysFirstBath        Rachel_BabysFirstBath_2

Tip for new moms:

I received a bathmat from a friend as a shower gift which was purchased from Babies“R”Us. I was not sure if this was something I would use, but I have to say this is an essential item to get for bath time! It really helps take the pressure off your knees so you are able to bath baby with ease and comfort. Especially after the thrills of birth, you’ll really appreciate this added comfort.

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