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Blog: Happy Mother’s Day

Growing up, Mother’s Day was just another ‘holiday’ where I’d go through the motions- go out, get a card, buy a gift certificate from a spa and sign it from my brother and I…and sometimes my dad (if he hadn’t already thought of something!). I seriously didn’t sit down and take a minute to really appreciate my mother, or grandmother’s for that matter. Now as life should have it, you live and learn. Becoming a mother has immensely opened my eyes to the everyday challenge, balance, and emotional roller coaster that ‘is’ motherhood.

Now on Mother’s Day, instead of worrying about the best gift to find my mom, I’d rather just spend the day with her and tell her how much I appreciate, and now realize, how hard her ‘job’ was. Because you never really understand until you live it yourself.

And what would I like from my children and husband for Mother’s Day? A day where he takes them to the park and I get to sleep in. A day where I’m not needed as much as every other day of the year. Yes, a spa is nice, but I’d have to worry about pre-pumping, or bringing the baby along. Honestly, just let me veg and binge watch some terrible reality TV. Running errands (as horrible as that sounds) could even be a great escape for me. Just getting out and leisurely going grocery shopping without worrying about grabbing two carts (one for the kids, one for the groceries), avoiding the snack section and meltdowns in aisle 3. Give me one day where I can have a little ‘me’ time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this because I don’t appreciate them, or the time I spend home with them, but it’s so that I can feel ‘sane’, or ‘myself’ again – even if it means keeping the messy top bun and no make-up, but actually putting clothes on – because pyjamas won’t cut it outside these four walls!

And moms, don’t think your kids won’t remember all of the little things you did for them. Yes, sure they’ll forget most of them, but it’s the one or two things they remember that make you feel like it was worth the rough times.

You know another thing I really want this Mother’s Day? The feeling like all is good in the world. That I have no worries. No stresses. No bills. Where I can just relax, close my eyes and drift to sleep. You know where that is?

In my mother’s arms.

But more specifically – something that brings me back to one of my favourite memories growing up – having my mom sit on her bed, while I was laying down in my bath robe, with my head on her lap, as she blow-dried my hair after a shower.


Even when it was dry, I’d say, “5 more minutes please mom”. Because not only did I feel love, warmth and calmness, but I felt safe.

So here’s to all mom’s reminiscing about their mother’s, grandmother’s, aunt’s…really whomever helped to raise and mold you to the person or mother you are today. Let’s thank them – and I’m thanking you – for putting up with the craziness of kids. The never ending crying, screaming, requests, messes, negotiations, sleepless nights, discipline, injuries, loving moments, cooking of meals, packing lunches, bath times, stories, fights at bedtime, poop explosions, walks, parks, playdates, etc, etc. And to all those strong women, that are still in search for that ‘mom’ role, whether it be through the struggles of infertility, miscarriage or the loss of a child, the day is most certainly for you too. Because of your maternal tenderness and affection, you are a special woman to someone, whether you may be an amazing aunt, sister, caregiver, friend, animal parent, employee or provider…and for that, we thank you today, because in this crazy world we live in, sometimes us women just need a really big hug, a really big cry and someone to listen. We’re all in this together.

The thought of my little ones growing up and ‘leaving the nest’, so to speak, already has me in tears – so this week, I’m going to appreciate this moment, this stage and this day. As under the weather as I’m feeling right now, nothing made me instantly feel better than MJ running home from his preschool the other day, handing me a paper bag and yelling ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.

What was inside the bag?

A mug with his handprint and a note that said, “Someday I will be big, and gone upon my way, but here’s my little handprint, to remind you of this day”.

Don’t worry little guy, I’ll never forget it. #uglycry.

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