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Blog: Intermediate Level Mommy: Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle Review By »

November 1st, 2016

I feel like I am finally getting the swing of things. I am able to interject more me-time moments into my day… coffee is being enjoyed hot… I am feeding myself a variety of food (not just granola bars)…  I starting to exercise (well walking – but exercise in general is very very hard to do when you are not sleeping and eating properly in the first few weeks)… and I also feel that I know Ethan well enough to be able to navigate through his colicky moments.

It only took 3 months and 2 weeks to say this with confidence. I am also enjoying so many great moments with Ethan. He has started to smile and laugh more and it just lights up my heart to see it! These days 2 am doesn’t become 5 am anymore – I am able to get Ethan to sleep within a reasonable time frame (30-40 mins) instead of 2-3 hours. But this is because I have learned through trial and error.

I have also become more savvy in my approach to those cry fits, but I found a secret weapon……. it’s called “white noise.” If your baby has colic (like Ethan) and you are looking for something soothing, do give this a try. For some reason, Ethan calms down immediately; it gets him out of his tantrum state and he starts to focus on the noise, and this makes it easier for me to rock him to sleep (or just get a calmer baby)… its almost hypnotic! I wish someone told me about this 3 months ago, I could have done a lot less bouncing and awful singing sessions.

Team Fit

Playtex Ventaire_Rachel

You are going to be doing A LOT of bottle feeding (unless you are only breastfeeding which is amazing – I wish I could have extended this, but that just wasn’t an option for me). You want to have a bottle that delivers on comfort (for you because you’re holding this thing for many hours throughout the day) and ease of feeding which would include lack of spit up and gas, and this is why I love anything by Playtex® right now. I received the Playtex® Baby VentAire® bottle from Babies“R”us and this bottle has now become our new favorite bottle! I have also used the Playtex Nurser with drop-ins liners. Both bottles that I have tried from Playtex® have been phenomenal!

Playtex Ventaire_Rachel2

I did a prior review on the Playtex® Nurser with drop-ins liners® and the only difference between the Nurser and the VentAire® is that the VentAire® does not require a liner and you do not need to snap the bottle into the angled position as it is already designed that way. I praised the Playtex drop-ins liners and the angled bottle design – it is still my go-to bottle for going out. Now I have the VentAire® which I am thrilled about because I can use this one at home.

Design – Very comfy to use… I LOVE the angled position. Now that Ethan is getting stronger and able to hold his head up, he has been sitting in his high chair for many feedings. The VentAire® is perfect for semi-seated positions. The bottle does promote that is was designed to support semi-upright feeding, and I will admit you will have a hard time using anything else after you have tried the angled bottle. There is NO slippage from this bottle, so in terms of less mess, this is a great bottle. I have never had to clean up milk that has poured down the side of Ethan’s face (which happens with other brands).

Special Features – This bottle promotes having an advance venting system design to help liquid flow consistency. I noticed that when I am using the bottle the milk does come out slower than some other bottles I have tried, but this is a good thing to help reduce gas and spit up. The bottle also has a micro-channel vent technology that helps keep air at the back of the bottle versus through the nipple, you can see the many holes at the bottom of the bottle, and this is supposed to ensure that no air is mixing with the milk. The bottle is designed to help with switching from breast to bottle though I do not breastfeed any more so I can not comment on this specific feature, but Ethan has no problem latching with this nipple.

Feeding time success story

Playtex Ventaire_Rachel3    Playtex Ventaire_Rachel4

Downside – I find it awkward to put the formula in the bottle because you can’t have the bottle upright because the bottle is already angled and the formula starts to pour out (if you are using powder formula like me, the powder clumps up at the top and starts to spill over) so you have to make sure that you tip the bottle when placing your scoops of formula inside so that it doesn’t pour out. There is also a  little more cleaning involved with this bottle, but that’s only because it’s made of 3 parts, the vent system (bottom of the bottle), the nipple and bottle.

Tip for new moms:

You want to own a few bottles; you cannot function off just one. So when you are making your first bottle purchase, I hope you keep this in mind. You want enough that you are not constantly cleaning, or face the dreaded: I have no clean bottle and baby is crying situation (I’ve been there and it is not fun). I do a massive bottle cleaning session every night so I have enough bottles for the night time and throughout the next day.

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