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Blog: Mom vs. Baby: Round One – Britax B-Ready Stroller Review By »

March 24th, 2017

I am thinking about the name of this stroller, B-Ready. When anyone asks me to go anywhere these days I hear this a lot: “Can you be ready?” Well I can, but WILL I is another question. Babies are not predictable, and being on time for any function is sometimes impossible. This little human being may decide as soon as you’re leaving the house it is time to poop, puke all over the outfit, or start an endless fight of “no you won’t put me in a jacket, hat or mitts”. There will be screaming, squirming and battle cries on both ends.

I am sure that any new mom can relate, getting ready to go anywhere is usually a process. Now that I have to get another person ready to go out, I have to pre-plan (make sure we have enough bottles clean, bibs, extra clothes, etc.). I do everything in stages (myself, baby, then pack up everything) and by the time I am ready to go, I am so exhausted I do not even want to go anymore.

The Britax stroller I received from Babies“R”Us has kept me motivated. Using a great stroller makes outings that much more enjoyable. Why is that? Well you want something that you look forward to using and baby loves to be in. I was asked to review the Britax B-Ready stroller and this stroller definitely stands out from the rest I have used. This stroller brand thought of everything – I was surprised and delighted to know that this stroller can be used with OTHER brands of car seats and bassinets (you just need to buy the adapters).

I have thought what would I do if I had another baby, roll around 2 strollers? Well Britax has really got you covered, the stroller can be made into a double stroller, you just need to buy the extra accessories (seat). No more big stroller purchases needed, Britax really covered all the mommy bases!

What I liked most: There are a ton of cool features to mention about this stroller:

TONS of storage space: I went shopping with my sister and we both could fit our coats, purses, baby bag and shopping purchases underneath. It was extraordinary the amount of space. The front has netting so items do not fall out which I loved, you can also access the front space compartment by just unzipping it if needed

The rotating handle: This was super cool, also a new feature I have not seen yet on any stroller I have used. You can rotate it to various heights OR JUST comfort level. It makes pushing the stroller a joy. It even has a covered padding for that extra comfort and grip!

The child arm bar: I like having these on a stroller – you can hang toys and secure a blanket much easier, I also find that items do not fall off. Let’s say you’re placing a teddy or some other toy that cannot be secured down, this bar will help keep an item from falling to the ground.

Seat Recline: The seat can recline to multiple levels: Baby can sit upright for viewing, or all the way down for a nap. It’s super easy to use with a one-handed handle that you simply press and pull down or up.

Removable Seat: For rear-facing or front-facing, super easy to do – just lift up on the side handles and flip around, and snap back into place. Incredibly straightforward and simple to do.

Canopy and Sun Visor: Mesh window so you can peek at baby when the canopy is fully down. I loved this so you do not disturb baby if they are sleeping, or if you want to keep the canopy down for weather protection, you are able to peek in without opening the canopy through the mesh window.

Foam Tires: No need to pump them! Very sturdy and durable, you can also lock the front wheels for an extra sturdy ride.

Harness: I have to mention how I loved the harness. It is simple to use, I also loved how the buckle was chunkier than most I have tried, so when baby is frailing around and being difficult, I can still see the buckle clearly and can snap it together quick and fast.

What I didn’t like: It’s heavy. I had a hard time loading it into the car, it seems a bit bulky. But if you want a stroller that has all the bells and whistles I guess a bit more bulk will be inevitable. When it folds up it is also bulky. It’s not the most compact design I have seen or used.

The only win I will ever need is a smile on this little guys face!

Tip for new moms: Being over-prepared is a blessing, bring more than 1 blanket out with you on those cold days. I guarantee, at least one will get tossed on the ground, or fall accidentally, or get stuck between a door… you get the picture. It will get dirty and you want to be ready for anything!

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