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Blog: Summer Infant Baby Touch 3.5″ WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System

Let me preface this blog by saying that I am a first time mom – for me this has meant the following:

  1. If I don’t hear my son breathing while he sleeps I automatically have a panic attack
  2. If I am trying to do anything (cook, clean, laundry, write a blog, etc.) and I am not in the same room as my son while I do, it does not get done. The question you are asking is why? The answer is simple, because I have an active imagination (or paranoia as my husband says) which allows me to convince myself that a scene from Arachnophobia is playing out in my living room and spiders are about to engulf my son.

Enter the Summer Infant Baby Touch 3.5″ WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System

Baby Touch WiFiThis monitor system is a must for anyone who has ever been responsible for watching children. Whether infants, toddlers, or heck I’m sure you could even use this to monitor if your teens try to sneak out (though we aren’t quite at that stage yet), this monitor allows you to have eyes on your kids from wherever you are – and yes I mean that – with the internet viewing option you can literally peer in on your kids from a beach in Tahiti.


Let me quickly go over some of the best features this product has to offer:

Video monitor

The 3.5 inch touchscreen monitor is handheld, has a range of 400ft, automatically switches from normal viewing to night vision, has excellent battery life, can be viewed in split screen if you add an additional camera, and allows you to control all the features of the monitor with the simple touch of the screen from the handheld monitor or your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Pan, scan, zoom

Change the angle, view a different area of the room, or zoom in. You have the ability to remotely control the camera(s) from your handheld monitor or your phone.

Two-way communication

This feature allows you to talk to your kids and settle them down with the sound of your voice without you having to be in the room. Though this feature has not benefited my son as of yet as he’s still a little too young, it has provided me with some great entertainment – i.e. don’t tell people about the two-way communication feature, leave the house, then scare unsuspecting people by using the App on your phone to utilize the two-way communication feature and radiate your voice through the house even though you aren’t there! The reactions you will get will be priceless!

Internet viewing system

Download the free app (available for iOS or Android) and you are able to view your kids or your home from anywhere you are on your phone, tablet or computer.


Temperature display

This system can monitor the temperature of the room the camera is set up in and displays it on the handheld device or through the internet viewing allowing you to know your little ones are comfy and cozy.

Snapshot and video

Your little one sleeping in a cute position, babbling to themselves or doing a funny dance. Capture the moment with the touch of a button and cherish the memories forever.

Option to add an additional camera

This feature is great for anyone with more than one kid – or anyone who just likes being able to have cameras in different rooms (as in my case). Combined with the split-screen viewing option, having the additional camera has allowed myself, my husband and our friends the ease of enjoying a meal and adult conversions all while keeping an eye on their older kids in the playroom and our baby asleep in his crib at the same time.

Now, while I think this system is fantastic there are a couple of things that some may find bothersome:

  • The zoom feature can cause the video picture to become a bit pixelated while in night vision mode.
  • If you wish to have a second camera it is an additional cost to you over and above the cost of the monitor system itself (though I’ve found it to be worth the investment).

Overall, this is a fantastic monitor system which I have and will continue to recommend to anyone who asks my opinion…and even those who don’t.


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