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Blog: Your new sidekick- Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

The only consistent thing in life, is change. We should never get used the way things are, it will not stay that way for long. I am learning that now with having Ethan. I feel like as soon as I have something down pat, things change!  Ethan being 9 months old, the things that worked before, are not necessarily working anymore. He is growing and changing, and I need to find ways to keep up! He wants more space to explore, his taste for adventure is increasing and he will venture farther away from me on his crawling explorations. So I have had to tweak his activity time, and baby proof my house – my little Indiana Jones in the making.

Ethan and his furry sidekick

One thing that WILL NOT change is my ability to see Ethan at all times (until his teenage years… then I may have to invest into something more covert or I may have to advance my surveillance techniques haha). Yes, it is possible for parents to have eyes in the back of their head! This is possible with a digital baby monitor. I was asked to review the Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor: It is again one of those essential parenting items, that I feel helps make our lives easier. You are able to talk on the phone, do any task, walk around the house, watch a movie, with your baby still in hand, literally. The monitor set comes with a portable monitor.


Cool Features:

Hand Held Portable Monitor: This is your parent viewing piece, it has a clip that you are able to snap onto your pants and a built in stand so you can keep it upright when you are doing things. There are various buttons on the monitor that you can control things such as:

– Temperature Alerts: Set the max and min you want the monitor to measure and set an alert to any changes

– Music: You can play various lullabies for the baby and even set to repeat mode to have a continuous play of all songs

– Speaker: Talk and soothe your baby if needed

– Brightness Control: Manual set according to the light in the room

– Pan ability: Move camera around so you can always see baby no matter what position they are laying in without having    to go move the camera

– Extra features: You can set to your preferences things like sensitivity, volume, language, and vibrate controls

If you want to know some neat techy features:

  • High Resolution 3.5” screen
  • Crystal clear night vision (will adjust automatically for you)
  • ECO mode (reduced power consumption)
  • Range up to 300 meters (indoor 50 m, outdoor 300m)
  • Low Battery and lost connection alerts
  • Audio only mode
  • Digital zoom (2x)

There is also 2 other pieces that come with this video monitor set:

  • Battery – To charge the handheld parent viewing monitor piece
  • Camera – That you can set up on a dresser or mount to the wall. This has a built in Nightlight to help you see baby when you need to go into their room at nighttime for a diaper change or feed

What I liked most: I love the big screen and the simplicity of the unit. I am very honest about my lack of techy skills – so I don’t want anything that I have to re-read a manual for a thousand times or something that has complex mechanics and functions. This monitor is perfect to suit my abilities. SIMPLE is the way to go which is why I would recommend this monitor to anyone in the market for a video monitor – Don’t get complicated.

What I did not like: The music options are not bad, I personally do not use them as the lullabies do not play the whole song so the repeated verses can get a tad annoying. I would have liked something more soothing. I found the songs all more or less sounded the same. There is no white noise or nature sounds which might have been nice. Just a thought, but nothing that would deter my love of the product.

There is no need to stress about leaving your baby in their crib – this monitor has got your back! Your new sidekick video monitor has you covered so you can enjoy some free time (free hands!) and free yourself from worry while baby is sleeping.

Sweet Dreams!

Tip for new moms: A really cool baby product I bought from Babies“R”Us is a baby snuggy! It’s a blanket that zips up and has arms holes for the baby (see above picture). This keeps Ethan warm at night, and I don’t have to worry about him tossing a blanket on his head. A great product to consider or add to that baby registry!

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