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18-24 Months Articles

All About High Chairs

As far as children’s furniture goes, nothing says ‘milestone’ like your baby’s first seat at the family table. While most kids get their high chair (stationary or portable) by about 4-6 months, you can put...Read More »

Safe Exploring

Have a little crawler on your hands? She’s raring to go, and while she builds her gross motor skills, she will try and get into all sorts of places… including some that are not so...Read More »

The Power of Play

One of the greatest joys for parents is watching our children develop before our eyes as they reach for a toy, or clap their hands to a melody. It’s more than just child’s play; every...Read More »

Food and feeding habits for toddlers

Now that your baby’s eating solids, dinnertime is a little easier and at the same time, a little more difficult. You have to plan finger foods for babies that are also adult friendly....Read More »

Toddler Nutrition Guide

Most days, you’re happy if your baby eats anything at all. So how do you make sure they get what they need when their eating is so erratic, or when vegetables end up in their...Read More »

Organic, What Is It?

While there are no definitive, peer-reviewed studies at this time showing that organic food is actually healthier , it certainly won’t do any harm. And it’s arguably better for the environment. However, it’s also more...Read More »

Mealtime Must Haves

Mealtime with a toddler is a special time to bond. It’s also a messy time, as your little one becomes proficient at finger feeding, food flinging and pushing as much as they can onto the...Read More »

What Makes a Good Infant/Child Car Seat?

An infant/child car seat (sometimes referred to as a convertible car seat) is designed to adapt to your growing baby, beginning as a rear-facing seat (for 2-20 kg, or 5-40 lbs.) and eventually converting to...Read More »

Mealtime for Toddlers – What to Avoid

Parenthood becomes so much easier when your kid starts to eat what you eat. But remember that not all adult foods are okay for little ones. To help your baby grow safely and healthily, here...Read More »

Top 10 car seat safety tips

Installing a car seat is a parenting rite of passage that can seem a little challenging at first. But you can do it! And then you can sleep easy (or at least you could if...Read More »

Car Seat Essentials and Accessories: Top Considerations

Here are a few of the top accessories you can buy for a car...Read More »

Interactive Toys and the Benefits of Self-guided Learning

Your baby has a mind of their own and it’s important to let them exercise it independently of...Read More »

The Move to Walking: How to Get Your Baby on Their Feet

You may not realize it, but babies are preparing themselves for walking from pretty much the word go. Like everything, it begins in the core, and almost everything your baby does in the first few...Read More »

Potty Training and Public Restrooms

Oh, the horror and the joys of public restrooms—but mostly horror....Read More »

The Three Keys to Potty Training

Dreaming of the day your toddler can walk to the bathroom, open the door, do their business, and walk out clean and...Read More »

Getting Equipped for Potty Training

Potty training has its own set of equipment and there’s a lot of it. Here’s a buyers guide for first-time potty...Read More »

Transitional Toys: Independence Through Dependence

A transitional toy is an object like a blanket or a stuffed animal that your baby refuses to go anywhere without....Read More »

Filling Bath Time With Fun Accessories

Your little one is very alert in the bath. Take advantage of this by giving him or her fun things to look at and interesting things to...Read More »

Feeding Your Baby Solids

One of the biggest victories –you’ll have as a new parent is when your baby moves from being bottle (or breast) fed to eating solid...Read More »

Q/A Five interpretations of Canada’s Food Safety Guidelines

Food safety for kids is taken very seriously by Heath Canada. Once you’re familiar with their food guidelines and how they protect us, you can start interpreting them while still keeping a safe...Read More »