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2-6 Months Articles

Explore 2-6 Months:
Carriers and Wraps

Not much beats the feeling of holding your baby close and having their heart beat against yours. It’s especially rewarding when your hands are free to do other things at the same time. This is...Read More »

Top 10 car seat safety tips

Installing a car seat is a parenting rite of passage that can seem a little challenging at first. But you can do it! And then you can sleep easy (or at least you could if...Read More »

Car Seat Essentials and Accessories: Top Considerations

Here are a few of the top accessories you can buy for a car...Read More »

The Magic of Touch

Touch plays a monumental role in your baby’s development. The skin-to-skin contact you have with your precious infant is one of the best ways for them to bond with you (and for you to bond...Read More »

Interactive Toys and the Benefits of Self-guided Learning

Your baby has a mind of their own and it’s important to let them exercise it independently of...Read More »

Disposable Diapers vs. Cloth Diapers

Disposable and cloth diapers come in a variety of sizes, materials and...Read More »

How to Avoid a Diaper Rash

There are few things cuter than a tiny baby bum. So when it’s red and obviously hurting, your heart...Read More »

Must-Haves for Baby Change Tables

You’re going to be dealing with poop for a long time. Fortunately, you can equip your baby’s changing table to make the process...Read More »

Diaper Changing 101

You can look at changing a diaper as a necessary evil of parenthood or you can embrace it as a great time to...Read More »

Filling Bath Time With Fun Accessories

Your little one is very alert in the bath. Take advantage of this by giving him or her fun things to look at and interesting things to...Read More »

Bath Time Reassurances for New Parents

You’re going to love learning how to bathe your...Read More »

Baby Bath Basics and Safety Tips

Babies love bath time and what’s not to love? Warm water, your gentle touch and, of course, the splash splash splash!...Read More »

What to Look For in a Baby Swing

When your new baby starts to fuss and rocking them in your arms isn’t doing the trick, a baby swing is a great...Read More »

Ten Nursery Themes We Love

Putting a nursery together can be a ton of fun, but for some parents (particularly the left-brained set), a blank canvass can be overwhelming. Here are 10 themes we love to help jump-start your imagination....Read More »

Baby Bedtime

Babies thrive on routine. You’ll hear that from every expert, and as your baby grows you’ll see first hand how right they...Read More »

Bedding 101

Understanding the different kinds of baby bedding available and the purpose each one has is key. Once you have that sorted out, you can get...Read More »

Nursery Set Up Tips

Small rooms aren’t usually considered a plus, but for baby rooms they are!...Read More »

Nursery Safety

It’s virtually impossible to recreate the level of protection your baby had in the womb, but you can certainly...Read More »

Baby and Parent Sleep Tips

You’ll come to love the sound of a gentle coo coming from the baby monitor. It’s the best indicator that your little one is sleeping safely and soundly. Here are a few tips to make...Read More »

Q/A Five interpretations of Canada’s Food Safety Guidelines

Food safety for kids is taken very seriously by Heath Canada. Once you’re familiar with their food guidelines and how they protect us, you can start interpreting them while still keeping a safe...Read More »