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Smart…Clean…High Chair…the ultimate oxymoron? (Ingenuity’s™ Trio 3-in-1 SmartClean™ High Chair)

I never really understood how messy mealtime could get until MJ started eating solids. We were spoiled at the start though. At 6 months, he was eating purees, loved all food and never threw anything...Read More »

BRAVADO DESIGNS: Finding a Maternity and Nursing Bra that Fits

As your body prepares for breastfeeding during pregnancy, you will notice changes in your breasts. Choosing a well-fitting, supportive maternity and nursing bra is important for your comfort. Medela and Bravado understand your needs, and...Read More »

Blog: Don’t Forget the Kitchen Sink!

I remember being about 8 months pregnant and thinking to myself, ‘Wow maternity leave is going to be fabulous. So much time to get things done around the house, leisurely summer days in the backyard,...Read More »

Baby Food on the Go

Take these top 10 DIY baby food pointers and feeding tricks for fun, stress-free mealtimes in motion The schedules of babies and toddlers, with their need for frequent small meals, can make parents feel like...Read More »

Blog: Product Review: Philips Avent Bottle Warmer

I find my mom constantly saying, “I wish we had this when you were little!”, when she finds things at my house or on the shelf during a last minute shopping trip for diapers. As...Read More »

Blog: How to feed a baby (Hint: you put food in their face)

When do you start feeding your baby purees? Do you at all? How early do you introduce solids? Do you help or go baby-lead? How early do you introduce allergens? When can they start using...Read More »

Blog (Product Review): Philips Avent Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump vs. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

So my milk came in on day 4, and in one word….OWWWW.  I was excited and curious, but when I woke up that Thursday morning…oh…my…goodness…I was pretty sure that I had two 10 pound bowling...Read More »

Blog: The Latch Is Key – Munchkin Latch Bottle Review

The search for the right bottle is not something that I thought I would EVER be a part of. But as the only member of our family without the necessary equipment pre-loaded, it is something...Read More »

Infant Feeding

Bottle-feeding (breast milk or formula) gives you and daddy (and even grandma) the chance to spend quality snuggle time bonding with your little one. Babies”R”Us has a great selection of bottles that can help reduce...Read More »

New Norm is none at all: Defining “Normal” Breastfeeding Behavior

As a new mom, you will be keeping a close eye on your baby to ensure they are developing and performing within the “normal” range. Particularly, when it comes to...Read More »

Best Seat In The House

The time has come. He’s sitting up all by himself and grabbing tasty morsels right from your plate. He’s discovered a world outside of milk… and there’s no going back. Your cutie has reached an...Read More »

Ready, Set, Pump

“I want to give my baby the best start.” Breast milk is still the optimal choice for little ones - providing the perfect amount of protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals. It’s custom-made by each...Read More »

Fuss-Free Feeding

Feeding your baby is a wonderful bonding experience. Bottle-feeding (breast milk or formula) also has some added perks: daddy can take over, so mommy can enjoy a well-deserved...Read More »

All About High Chairs

As far as children’s furniture goes, nothing says ‘milestone’ like your baby’s first seat at the family table. While most kids get their high chair (stationary or portable) by about 4-6 months, you can put...Read More »

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