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Newborn Articles

Blog: Product Review: Philips Avent Bottle Warmer

I find my mom constantly saying, “I wish we had this when you were little!”, when she finds things at my house or on the shelf during a last minute shopping trip for diapers. As...Read More »

Blog: It Took Six Weeks…

I don’t remember where I saw this saying (probably a greeting card), but it rang true when MJ was six weeks old: He’s a little bit of sunshine; he’s a smile to light your days....Read More »

Blog: Is a video monitor worth it?

There were a lot of things on our must have list as we approached the arrival of our daughter (or as she was known until she arrived and revealed her gender, “it”, “them”, “thing #1”,...Read More »

Blog: Newborn Pictures – Not What Meets The Eye

I had been going back and forth with the decision to get professional newborn pictures for a while and finally contacted a photographer when I was 38 weeks along. She said the date would be...Read More »

Blog: The First Five Days

I’ve always been quite honest and blunt with my blogs. This one will be no different, but I’ll start it off with a disclaimer: Read at your own risk…the first few days of parenthood might...Read More »

Blog: Delivery Day: Take #2

Fast forward 2.5 weeks, I’m just about 1 week overdue…and… still no baby! Alright, I cave, time to get induced. My OB schedules me in on a Monday morning, when she has her shift, and...Read More »

What’s the right car seat for your baby?

Choosing the right car seat depends on your baby’s age, weight and height. You’ll likely need at least two different ones to accommodate your child’s...Read More »

Blog: Our Birth Story: Part 2 – So we’re having a baby, RIGHT NOW!!!!

It started at 7:00am on February 16, 2015, Family Day. I woke up to Kristen sitting up in bed beside me with a concerned look on her face. First of all, she was up at...Read More »

The Best Types of Baby Bottles

Bottle-feeding your newborn certainly isn’t rocket science, but you do have a lot of options to help make the experience as convenient as possible. The following is a list of what you have to choose...Read More »

Developmental Infant Toys

Everything your child sees, holds and plays with is an opportunity to learn something new about their world or hone an essential...Read More »

Baby Play Time (Developmental Milestones)

Babies are like sponges, and there’s a lot to absorb. Watching your little one ‘figure it out’ through play is as fun as it gets. We’ve highlighted some guidelines to help you find the...Read More »

Video Baby Monitors

Why listen for your baby sleeping when you can broadcast that sweet little face onscreen? If you prefer the peace of mind of seeing your baby sleeping in the other room, you might opt for...Read More »

GRACO: What Stroller Features Fit Your Lifestyle?

No matter what you have to get done in a day, there’s a stroller to get you where you and your little one(s) need to...Read More »

What Type of Stroller Is Right for You?

Long before those monumental first steps, you and your baby will rely on a stroller to navigate your way through everyday life. Trips to town, to the playground, and to Grandma's will require a great...Read More »

The Power of Play

One of the greatest joys for parents is watching our children develop before our eyes as they reach for a toy, or clap their hands to a melody. It’s more than just child’s play; every...Read More »

Crib Buying Guide

The crib is the centerpiece of a nursery, and lucky for you, there are more choices than ever to fit your preferences and budget. When considering a crib, think about design, finish and long-term value....Read More »

What You Need to Know About Infant Car Seats

Where do you think you’re going, mommy? When you first head home with your newborn, if you don’t have an infant car seat to put them in, the hospital won’t let you leave. Transport Canada recommends...Read More »

What Makes a Good Infant/Child Car Seat?

An infant/child car seat (sometimes referred to as a convertible car seat) is designed to adapt to your growing baby, beginning as a rear-facing seat (for 2-20 kg, or 5-40 lbs.) and eventually converting to...Read More »

Carriers and Wraps

Not much beats the feeling of holding your baby close and having their heart beat against yours. It’s especially rewarding when your hands are free to do other things at the same time. This is...Read More »