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VTECH: Top Holiday Picks for Educational Gifts

        Holidays are extra joyful with young children in the house. Nothing beats the excitement of a little one unwrapping a colourful package and finding a bright new toy inside. But holiday...Read More »

VTECH: The First Six Months

Ask The Expert Milestones: 9-12 Months Dr. Lise Eliot  Early Brain Development Expert VTech Expert Panel Member VTech, the creator of the Electronic Learning Products (ELP) category, is a world leader of age-appropriate learning products....Read More »

EVENFLO: Explaining the ABCs of Safe Sleep

By: Sarah Haverstick, Safety Advocate, Evenflo Bringing home your new infant can be overwhelming. Planning in advance for where they will sleep may help make the transition to home a little easier. The Canadian Paediatric...Read More »

FISHER-PRICE: Why It’s Great to Have a Kid Who Can’t Sit Still

Got a kid who gets into everything? Here’s why it’s a (very) good thing By Linda Rodgers Most of us don’t see our kid’s antsy behavior as something to brag about. “No one says, ‘My...Read More »

INGENUITY: Baby Swing & Bouncer Safety

Swings and bouncers give fussy babies the motion they crave to be calmed. The products that are available today are designed to be as engaging as they are soothing — and there is an abundance...Read More »

TINY LOVE: It’s Not Child’s Play: How to Make Playtime Meaningful for Baby and You

When your baby is given a new toy and you are excited for some quality time to spend with them, many parents aren’t sure how to create a pleasant and supportive play environment or how...Read More »

VTECH: Milestones with VTech Learning Toys

Ask The Expert Milestones: 9-12 Months Dr. Lise Eliot  Early Brain Development Expert VTech Expert Panel Member VTech, the creator of the Electronic Learning Products (ELP) category, is a world leader of age-appropriate learning products....Read More »

OBALL: Best Toys for Grasping

So much happens in baby’s first year — they transition from “helpless” to “on-the-move” in what feels like seconds. In just their first few months, your little one will begin to lift their head, to...Read More »

BABY EINSTEIN: How to Raise a Cultured Baby

From the moment your baby enters the world, everything is new. New sounds, from lullabies to traffic outside the window. New sensations, from the touch of a blanket to warm water in the bathtub. New...Read More »

BRIGHT STARTS: Tummy Time Tips & Products

Moms know it’s important to put baby on their back to sleep. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “it’s also important to make sure that as [baby] gets older, he gets some tummy time.” Tummy...Read More »

Blog (Product Review): Go Grippers Bounce ‘N Zoom Speedway

Planes, Trains and Automobiles…no not the movie, I’m talking about the toys my little guy is playing with these days. We’ve tried (key word = tried), to minimize the amount of toys and ‘stuff’ MJ...Read More »

Blog: Tranquil Moments: Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Deluxe Rock n Play Soothing Seat Review

Pregnancy and parenthood is rewarding and challenging; sharing stories, experiences, advice, successes and struggles, helps you to know you are not alone, and learning how to laugh throughout the whole process is important, because laughter...Read More »

SKIP HOP: Five Skills for Baby to Master with Skip Hop’s Explore & More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center

There’s nothing more exciting for new parents than seeing baby reach those first milestones. From batting at a hanging toy to shaking a rattle, the early days are such a developmentally rich time—filled with new...Read More »

Blog: Don’t sweat the small stuff: Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo Review

I love routines. I also consider myself a very disciplined individual. I always believed that sticking to a routine was important if you wanted to be able to accomplish things, and to be successful in...Read More »

Blog: BeatBo Clothing and Fisher-Price BeatBowWow Toy Review

Dressed to Impress: BeatBo Clothing Review I absolutely love buying new clothing for Ethan, and of course, snapping all those cute photos to send to family and friends. This baby stage won’t last long, soon...Read More »

Blog: Get Up and Dance – Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo and BeatBo Clothing

Put the cookies and milk out for Santa and make sure he leaves this toy under the tree for your little elf. As anyone with little ones can attest to, there are toys for everything...Read More »

Blog: Playtime for Baby – Ingenuity Playard Deluxe with Dream Centre Review

Now that Ethan is getting bigger, he is enjoying more time by himself, the bigger he gets the longer he will be content exploring the world around him, whether that be in his high chair...Read More »

Blog: It’s a Jumper meets an Exerciser – The Disney Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper

My favourite sounds are Callum’s laughs, squeals and shrieks of delight.  I could honestly listen to them for hours; they make my heart swell to the point of it bursting and put a permanent grin...Read More »

Blog: Just call it InGenius – The Ingenuity InLighten 2-in-1 Cradling Swing Reviewed

GET IT! That’s it – that’s all you need to know and all I need to say. To be fair and let you come to your own conclusions I will give you some feedback on...Read More »

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