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Your baby likes to touch, play and grab at toys, all while using her chubby little legs to bounce and kick. And now that she can hold her head up, she’s ready to get more interactive. At Babies R Us, we can help your baby reach a variety of developmental milestones while exercising her mind and body. Read More >

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BABY EINSTEIN: Your Curious 12-month-old

Motherly in partnership with Baby Einstein It has been a year of discovery. Make the most of their milestones: It has been a year of curiosity, exploration, and so much play, mama—and you’ve rocked all...Read More »

BABY EINSTEIN: Your Curious 5-month-old

Motherly in partnership with Baby Einstein Your baby is becoming more and more confident as she discovers her world. Make the most of their milestones: Your baby is growing fast and no doubt constantly amazing you...Read More »

BABY EINSTEIN: How to Raise a Cultured Baby

From the moment your baby enters the world, everything is new. New sounds, from lullabies to traffic outside the window. New sensations, from the touch of a blanket to warm water in the bathtub. New...Read More »

BRIGHT STARTS: Tummy Time Tips & Products

Moms know it’s important to put baby on their back to sleep. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “it’s also important to make sure that as [baby] gets older, he gets some tummy time.” Tummy...Read More »

SKIP HOP: Five Skills for Baby to Master with Skip Hop’s Explore & More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center

There’s nothing more exciting for new parents than seeing baby reach those first milestones. From batting at a hanging toy to shaking a rattle, the early days are such a developmentally rich time—filled with new...Read More »

Blog: Don’t sweat the small stuff: Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo Review

I love routines. I also consider myself a very disciplined individual. I always believed that sticking to a routine was important if you wanted to be able to accomplish things, and to be successful in...Read More »

Blog: It’s a Jumper meets an Exerciser – The Disney Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper

My favourite sounds are Callum’s laughs, squeals and shrieks of delight.  I could honestly listen to them for hours; they make my heart swell to the point of it bursting and put a permanent grin...Read More »

Go, baby, go

Your baby likes to touch, play and grab at toys, all while using her chubby little legs to bounce and kick. And now that she can hold her head up, she’s ready to get more...Read More »

The Power of Play

One of the greatest joys for parents is watching our children develop before our eyes as they reach for a toy, or clap their hands to a melody. It’s more than just child’s play; every...Read More »

Picking the Best Playard

The right baby playard or playpen can make your life easier from the word...Read More »

Top Indoor Gear Must-Haves

Relative to the size of a baby, the gear they require is massive. If you don't plan for the various pieces carefully, your house will start to feel like an obstacle course very quickly....Read More »

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