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Babies work hard to develop control over their muscles. Play gyms and play mats give them that extra boost. Play gyms feature an arch with small toys suspended from them that stimulate your baby with colours and sounds. Play mats provide a cozy place for tummy time. The textures and colours keep baby engaged while building up those neck muscles.

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BABY EINSTEIN: Your Curious 12-month-old

Motherly in partnership with Baby Einstein It has been a year of discovery. Make the most of their milestones: It has been a year of curiosity, exploration, and so much play, mama—and you’ve rocked all...Read More »

BABY EINSTEIN: Your Curious 5-month-old

Motherly in partnership with Baby Einstein Your baby is becoming more and more confident as she discovers her world. Make the most of their milestones: Your baby is growing fast and no doubt constantly amazing you...Read More »

TINY LOVE: The Wonders of Holiday Gifts

We’ve all experienced that awkward moment when a young child opens the “perfect gift” that you found for them – only to see they’re more interested in the wrapping paper or the box that it...Read More »

BABY EINSTEIN: How to Raise a Cultured Baby

From the moment your baby enters the world, everything is new. New sounds, from lullabies to traffic outside the window. New sensations, from the touch of a blanket to warm water in the bathtub. New...Read More »

BRIGHT STARTS: Tummy Time Tips & Products

Moms know it’s important to put baby on their back to sleep. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “it’s also important to make sure that as [baby] gets older, he gets some tummy time.” Tummy...Read More »

Baby Play Time (Developmental Milestones)

Babies are like sponges, and there’s a lot to absorb. Watching your little one ‘figure it out’ through play is as fun as it gets. We’ve highlighted some guidelines to help you find the...Read More »

The Power of Play

One of the greatest joys for parents is watching our children develop before our eyes as they reach for a toy, or clap their hands to a melody. It’s more than just child’s play; every...Read More »

The Move to Walking: How to Get Your Baby on Their Feet

You may not realize it, but babies are preparing themselves for walking from pretty much the word go. Like everything, it begins in the core, and almost everything your baby does in the first few...Read More »

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