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PHILIPS AVENT: Perfect Match: Find the Best Baby Monitor for You

As a mother, it’s normal that you’ll worry about the well-being of your little one. Baby monitors allow you to have eyes and ears on your baby even when you have other tasks to take...Read More »

SUMMER INFANT: Meaningful Innovations for Life as a New Parent

When it comes to caring for an infant, new parents need all the help they can get! That’s why they are seeking out meaningful innovations that will make life easier for them and their babies....Read More »

SEALY: Safe Sleep Tips for Babies

From interviewing 20 different OB/GYNs to green smoothies to extensive product safety research, making sure baby is getting the best start possible is a high priority for parents everywhere! New babies can snooze up to...Read More »

VTECH: Holiday Gift Guide for Baby Monitors and Soothers

Whether you’re looking for a multi-camera system with all the latest video features, a reliable audio monitor to carry throughout the house, or something in between, we have a baby monitor that’s right for your...Read More »

ANGELCARE: Baby Monitors: A Registry Guide

It’s time to build your baby registry! You’ve been eyeing the tiny onesies, the booties, the diapers, the mobiles, the hats, the cozy socks, the bouncers, the fuzzy toys, and they’re JUST. SO. CUTE. But...Read More »

SAFETY 1st: Child Proofing Your Home – a Room-to-Room Guide

As adults, we have learned to avoid hazards and in many cases have trained ourselves to be blind to them.  It can be hard to step away from that state-of-mind and take a new look...Read More »

SAFETY 1st: Be Ready for Your Infants Health and Grooming Needs

Registry shopping is an exciting time full of future possibilities.  It’s a new stage of your life even if it’s not for baby number one, and you want to enjoy it to the fullest.  So...Read More »

EVENFLO: Explaining the ABCs of Safe Sleep

By: Sarah Haverstick, Safety Advocate, Evenflo Bringing home your new infant can be overwhelming. Planning in advance for where they will sleep may help make the transition to home a little easier. The Canadian Paediatric...Read More »

EVENFLO: 4 Common Car Seat Mistakes

By: Sarah Haverstick, Safety Advocate and Certified Car Seat Technician Instructor, Evenflo According to the Canadian Paediatric Society, misuse of car seats in Canada is widespread – ranging from 44% to 81% for car seats...Read More »

FISHER-PRICE: Why It’s Great to Have a Kid Who Can’t Sit Still

Got a kid who gets into everything? Here’s why it’s a (very) good thing By Linda Rodgers Most of us don’t see our kid’s antsy behavior as something to brag about. “No one says, ‘My...Read More »

SAFETY 1st: How to Baby-Proof Your Home When Your Kids Keep Getting Smarter

Children are curious by nature – and some are more adventurous than others.  As parents, you do what you can to find the right balance between protecting them from dangers they may not understand and...Read More »

GRACO: Is your car seat doing more harm than good?

(NC) Installing a car seat for your youngster sounds simple enough, but it turns out you may be accidentally putting your child at risk. A recent survey of Canadian parents hosted on Angus Reid Forum...Read More »

GRACO: Cautious driving not always enough to keep baby safe

(NC) Having a baby means parents change many long-time habits, including how they drive.  A recent survey of Canadian parents hosted on Angus Reid Forum found that over half are now more cautious drivers since...Read More »

GRACO: Is your child’s car seat safely installed? Do the 6-step check

(NC) Did you know that every year over 10,000 children age 12 and under are injured, some of them fatally, in traffic collisions? This is according to a 2014 report from the Children’s Health & Safety...Read More »

ANGELCARE: 3 Tips for Putting Baby to Sleep Safely

Becoming a parent is nothing short of a magical experience, albeit challenging at times! From the moment you find out you are expecting, there will be many things on your mind, and one of the...Read More »

DIONO: Extended Rear Facing: Everything you need to know!

What is Extended Rear-Facing? Rear-facing has been shown to be 5x safer than forward-facing for young children due to their heavy heads and fragile necks. The CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend children...Read More »

PEG-PÉREGO: Here Are Some Tips on Travelling with Infants to Start Your Holidays on the Right Foot

Here are some great easy tips to help with traveling with your little ones.  These tips are actually good habits that will help you to understand what you really need and how to manage space....Read More »

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