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EVENFLO FEEDING: The Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding

Shari Criso MSN, RN, CNM, IBCLC

During your pregnancy there is so much you will do to prepare for your new baby. Completing your baby registry, preparing your nursery, attending childbirth classes, etc…just to name a few!  While all of these things are important, preparing yourself for breastfeeding is one aspect of new parenting that often does not receive enough planning and preparation.

Some new moms will “wing it” hoping that it will all work out, hope that someone will just teach them everything they need to know once the baby is born, or assume that it is just natural so they will not need to do anything.  This is not true and can leave you vulnerable and unprepared, which can make breastfeeding so much more difficult and even impossible.

Here are my 5 Tips for ALL new moms who are planning to breastfeed.  These are the most valuable things that you can do before your baby arrives to have the best chance of success when it comes to breastfeeding!

1. Have realistic expectations

Breastfeeding is “natural” and simple…but usually NOT easy, at least in the beginning!   It is a “learned” skill that requires knowledge, instruction, practice, patience, and commitment.  It will take time to get comfortable and into a routine.

Having an expectation that you will not encounter any challenges can set you up to feel like you are failing when you are absolutely not.  This can lead to stop breastfeeding unnecessarily.  Going into the whole experience expecting it to be challenging at first and armed with the knowledge and support, will help you get through those challenging times and help you reach your long-term breastfeeding goals.

Let the baby and your body guide you!  Allow your baby’s innate instincts to work by avoiding separation when at all possible, lots of skin to skin contact, and feeding your baby frequently and on-demand.  This will support the baby to do what they are born to do, and also support your body which will respond this by making and providing milk to the baby.

2. Create a breastfeeding support system

The #1 reason that new moms do not reach their breastfeeding goals is lack of positive breastfeeding support.   Surround yourself with positive influences.  Connect with friends or family that had success with breastfeeding.

Join a local breastfeeding mom’s support group.  There is nothing more comforting to talk to other moms that are going through the same thing as you.  You can share tips, advice, struggles and mostly the joy that you will eventually feel about breastfeeding that only another breastfeeding mom will be able to completely understand.

If you cannot find a local group there are many online groups that you can join as well.  Support from others is going to be so important, as breastfeeding can be hard to do alone.

3. Educate yourself and become knowledgeable

Taking a class, becoming knowledgeable and educated before you have your baby will be the best thing that you can do to prepare yourself for your baby’s arrival and hopefully prevent so many of the problems that moms encounter while trying to breastfeed.

Just understanding the basics of how your body is perfectly designed to feed your baby, how much your baby really needs to eat, how to know that they are getting enough, preventing pain and soreness, knowing which “tools” to have in place before your baby is born, and the difference between what is normal and what is not…will give you the confidence to know that you can keep going and when you need help.

Watching my online breastfeeding class, “Simply Breastfeeding”, will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to reach your breastfeeding goals…and now my class comes free with the purchase of every Evenflo Feeding Breast Pump!

4. Get professional help right away if you are having difficulty

Locate a local Lactation Consultant and have her number available. What I suggest to any mom that is having a hard time breastfeeding is to get support immediately! Don’t wait!  The sooner that you address a problem when it comes to breastfeeding, the less likely you are to create a bigger issue and the more likely you are to reach your breastfeeding goals.

Although breastfeeding is natural and possible for most moms, there can be issues and challenges.  Lactation Consultants are experts in breastfeeding and who you want when things are not going as planned. Before you decide to stop breastfeeding for any reason other than your personal choice, seek out this expert advice and assistance.

5. Be prepared and get what you need

While the ONLY true essentials that you will need when you breastfeed are your baby and your breasts…having the “basics” like a few good nursing bras, a breastfeeding pillow and a breast pump available can surely make things a whole lot easier!

Of course, any mom that is planning to go back to work and continue to breastfeed will need a Breast pump in order to pump milk while away from her baby.  This may not be for several weeks or months after your baby is born. However, having a breast pump available immediately after you have your baby will enable you to continue to provide your baby with milk should you encounter any issues from the beginning or should you eventually decide to introduce your baby to a bottle of pumped milk.

For example, if you are having any difficulty latching your baby you will want to make sure you pump while you are waiting to see your Lactation Consultant for support.  Frequent and regular removal of milk from your breast is essential to prevent engorgement, plugged ducts, mastitis (breast infection) and ultimately a decrease in milk supply, while most importantly, still continuing to feed your baby!

Breast pumps like the Evenflo Feeding Advanced Double Electric is a great choice with ALL of the features that I look for when choosing a pump.  Plus, they come with BOTH of my online breastfeeding and pumping classes included for FREE! These Breast Pumps are a complete package throughout your breastfeeding journey and are available for retail purchase.

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