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EVENFLO: New Parents & Car Seat Selection

By: Sarah Haverstick, Safety Advocate and Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor, Evenflo

There are so many decisions to make as a new or expectant parent and one of the most important is the car seat you will use to transport your child. However, with all of the options on the market, the car seat is also probably one of the most challenging purchases to consider.

Breaking Down the Options

Infant Car Seat (Stage 1)

Infant, or rear-facing only car seats, generally come in two parts: a carrier for the child and a base which can remain installed in the vehicle. Depending on the size and growth of your child, an infant seat may work until a child is 8 – 12 months old. Most infants outgrow the height limit of the carrier well before they hit the weight limit of the seat.

Convertible Car Seat (Stages 1, 2)

Convertible car seats give you the option of both rear-facing and forward-facing harnessed use for your child. This means the seat will last for multiple years as your child grows. In rear-facing mode, convertible car seats have much higher height and weight limits than infant car seats, so your child can remain rear-facing in the vehicle longer.

All-in-One Car Seat (Stages 1, 2, 3)

All-in-One car seats give you the option to use the car seat in rear-facing and forward-facing harnessed mode and then also can be used as a belt positioning booster seat. Like convertible car seats, all-in-one options have much higher height and weight limits, so your child can remain rear-facing in the vehicle longer. The all-in-one seat is a versatile option that may last your child for almost all of their car seat years.

Introducing the Evenflo EveryStage DLX

The Evenflo EveryStage DLX all-in-one car seat offers 10 years of versatility for your growing child. The expanded rear-facing capacity of the EveryStage car seat gives your child the opportunity to remain rear-facing in the vehicle longer, up to 22.6 kg (50 lbs) or 122 cm (48 in). In addition, the seat can be used in forward-facing harness mode until 29.4 kg (65 lbs) and booster mode until 54.4 kg (120 lbs).

The headrest of the EveryStage was designed to optimally position your child for each stage of use. For the smallest occupants, the headrest mechanism pushes the child’s hips forward and allows their head to recline comfortably in the car, helping to prevent the head flop often seen with small children. Additionally, independent consumer research found that volunteers installing car seats with the EasyClick LATCH System of the EveryStage DLX, achieved installations that were 3 times tighter and consistently more accurate than competitive LATCH systems. The simple, ratcheting handle of the EasyClick LATCH System gives you peace of mind that you have achieved a tight, wiggle free install.


Wishing you happy and safe travels with your infant!

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