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Filling Bath Time With Fun Accessories

Babies-R-Us-bath-time-prep-list-drying-450x400Your little one is very alert in the bath. Take advantage of this by giving him or her fun things to look at and interesting things to hold.

Bath toys

The bath is a great place for your baby to practice holding objects, as there’s no place to throw them other than back in to the water. Colourful bath toys like these just beg to be picked up; and you can have fun naming them, giving them personalities and watching your baby get to know them a bit more with every bath.

Washing Mitts

Turn bath time into a puppet show for your happy baby with a washing mitt. They’re just as soft as regular baby washcloths, and are actually easier to use for some people. Many of the washing mitts we carry come with matching towels so the show can go on after the bath ends.

Stacking cups

Having a cup in the tub is an easy way to rinse soap off your baby and perfect for pouring warm water over their heads (which, if they don’t love now, they will eventually). It also gives them something colourful to play with. They can work on their motor skills by grabbing and holding the cups. They can learn to understand the concept of pouring water by tilting the spout. And, of course, they can work on their spatial relations by stacking them.

Spout covers

If you wash your baby in the sink, faucet protection is a good idea so they don’t bang their heads on a sharp spoout. You probably won’t need them for the bathtub until your kid can stand in there by themselves, but then you should definitely put them on just in case they slip. You can get a basic utilitarian look, or you can go for something with a bit more personality that your baby can focus on and even talk to one day.

Bath baskets

Like a toy box, one of these will let your little one see and pick out his or her own toys for the bath. And like a toy box, you can eventually start teaching them to put their toys away. Most of the bath baskets attach to the wall of the shower so they’re out of the way when it’s your turn to get in there.

Hooded towels

There’s nothing wrong with using an adult towel to dry your baby, but hooded baby towels are generally softer and come in fun designs. Your baby may not like the hood at first, but they will eventually. And so will you – it’s very handy on shampoo days.

Remember, bath time is supposed to be as much fun for you as it is for your baby, so let loose in there and enjoy!

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