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Go, baby, go

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Your baby likes to touch, play and grab at toys, all while using their chubby little legs to bounce and kick. And now that your little one can hold their head up, they’re ready to get more interactive.

At Babies“R”Us, we can help your baby reach a variety of developmental milestones while exercising their mind and body.

Giving your baby a great head start… one giggle at a time.

“I’m looking for a toy that will help my 5 month old with her fine motor skills.” Babies“R”Us has a great selection of Baby Activity Centres that promote learning through play. They encourage your little one in object exploration and tactile development, as well as fine motor skills. They also include toys and fun music to keep them engaged.

Here are a few things to look for when choosing an activity centre:

  • bright, contrasting colours to help stimulate your baby’s vision
  • flashing lights, melodies and other sounds to help focus your baby’s attention
  • assorted toys that will encourage hand eye coordination
  • different textures to encourage your little one’s sense of touch

At Babies“R”Us, you’ll find many styles of activity centres that are suitable for various age groups (including newborn). They are safe, educational and tons of fun for your baby.

Great ways to provide your baby with fun and exercise.

Your sweetpea can jump into fun with Baby Exercisers – ideal for any child in the pre-walking stage. There will be lots of bouncing around and giggling galore.

“I want an exerciser that will be keep my baby entertained and comfortable.” Babies“R”Us has many different styles of jumpers; freestanding models are activity centres that have the jumping feature. These include toys around the unit, as well as lights and sounds that reward them for a “jump well done.” There are also styles that hang securely from the doorframe or on a port-a-stand, so you can take it anywhere you go. They’re safe, fun and comfortable.

Learning, growing, developing… it’s child’s play!

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