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Home Safety Tips

Babies-R-Us-safety-hazards-around-the-house-450x400Baby proofing your home happens in stages. As your little one gets bigger there’s more to consider. Here are five common household scenarios and accompanying home safety tips for parents with kids on the move.

Cleaning up after dinner

Before kids, leaving the dishwasher open was only dangerous to your shins. Now there are knives your baby can touch, plates they can grab and smash, harmful detergents they can put in their mouths, stove tops they can burn their hands on and doors they can damage. Get in the habit of closing appliance doors, and invest in a stovetop cover to protect your elements when you’re done using them.

Tip: Rinse all your dishes in the sink at once, then load the dishwasher. The door will be open for less time, and you may even save some water.

Working on the couch

If you trip over your laptop cord, you have the ability to catch yourself. A baby doesn’t, so be mindful of anything they could possibly stumble on. And remember to unplug the cord when you’re done using it so your curious little one doesn’t accidentally put live power in his or her mouth.

Tip: When you need power, sit as close to the outlet as possible. When you don’t, unplug and replace with an outlet cover – a fire safety must-have.

Sweeping the floor

Anything on the floor is fair game for your little ones to pick up, including crumbs and dust bunnies. Keep an eye out for anything you’d rather not have wind up in their mouths.

Tip: For items on the floor, play close attention to the areas you and your baby spend the most time in, like their room or the play area.

Moving between rooms

Before kids, leaving doors open in your home gave it a more airy feeling and actually made your space seem bigger. Now, it’s an invitation for your baby to explore rooms you might not want them to be in. When you leave a room, start closing doors behind you.

Tip: For rooms without doors, install a safety gate.

Coming home

You walk into your house after a busy day, drop your purse on the floor and start your after-work routine. It won’t take long for your baby to start rifling through it and pull out a choking hazard like a coin, a pen cap or your brand new lipstick. Get into a routine of tossing your things on to a hook, counter or table when you get home. If you don’t have enough hooks by the door, add some more.

Tip: Measure the positioning of a new hook using your longest coat. Your baby shouldn’t be able to reach it.

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