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BRIGHT STARTS: Tummy Time Tips & Products

Moms know it’s important to put baby on their back to sleep. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “it’s also important to make sure that as [baby] gets older, he gets some tummy time.”

Tummy time helps strengthen neck muscles, which is good for giving baby the strength they need to lift their little heads, and to push up, roll over, and crawl later on. It also helps to eliminate the pesky flat spot that can develop when newborns lay on their backs too long.

But not all babies love tummy time, and it can be a bit tedious for mom. Thankfully, there is a treasure trove of products for moms who are seeking tummy time help.

1. The Perfect Tummy Time Pillows

The Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop n Play™ is the perfect plush pal to soothe and snuggle baby during tummy time or floor play. It has everything your baby needs to stay comfortable and engaged, and it is perfect for smaller spaces! Taggies (soft, textured tags) that are included on this pillow help to keep baby more engaged during tummy time. It’s soft and comfortable, machine washable, and cute!

A different take on the positioning pillow is the Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Prop Pillow™. It’s a soft, brightly colored tube that supports little ones when lying on their tummies. It’s also electronic, playing classic melodies and fun sounds to entertain baby. Tactile features, including a mirror, crinkle leaves, a teether, and textured fabrics are added to engage them in play.

2. Tummy Time – Meet Playtime

For babies who aren’t content with tummy time, a little more stimulation might be required. Play mats are a perfect solution, and there are many to choose from.

Bright Starts 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play™:  It’s a 48″ jumbo mat and play gym with walls that can be adjusted up or down. Keep the walls up to contain balls inside and use as a barrier during play time and tummy time. This gym includes 35 colorful balls that extend the life of this gym into the toddler years because with all walls up – it becomes a ball pit! It also includes engaging toys, such as an electronic toucan that entertains baby with over 20 minutes of merry melodies.

Comfort & Harmony Enchanted Elephants Activity Gym™: This plush and cozy elephant is more like a cushion, giving a soft surface for baby’s belly and a little prop by way of the elephant’s head. It also has a removable activity center to engage fidgety little ones during tummy time stretches. It includes lights, music, and several toys to keep your baby interested.

Baby Einstein Caterpillar & Friends Play Gym™: Your little one will enjoy the adorable star toy offering entertaining classical melodies and multiple other engaging toys that encourage playtime discovery. The play mat welcomes your baby with a delightful scene featuring a cheerful caterpillar and other Baby Einstein™ friends. The soft electronic star toy features 8 classical melodies and 20 minutes of playing time. As the melodies play, lights flash in time with the music to keep your little one entertained. You can also use the star toy without the gym as it can be removed easily and attached to most carriers.

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