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Blog: Love stinks, a Diaper Genie Product Review

Though we’ve learned that parenting involves constantly expecting the unexpected, the one thing that you absolutely can expect is dealing with diapers…and I mean A LOT of diapers…

After a lot of research, we decided to go the cloth diaper route for our girl. We opted for a middle-the-road type cloth diaper. Not the organic, bamboo, gluten-free, vegan, free-trade, top of the line model, but not the made-in-China out of burlap with 15 pockets that required stuffing either. We chose a comfy, micro-fibre, all-in-one diaper – durable, easy to use, and easy to clean. Don’t ask me how I knew this before using them…

Truthfully the reason we went the cloth route was to save money, and my wife enjoys that she can match the colour of diaper to our daughter’s outfits; plus the environmental factor of less garbage is an added bonus. That being said, we aren’t super hard-core about it, and as our daughter got older (and therefore has increased the overall quantity of diaper contents), we do use disposable diapers overnight to keep her drier, if she has a rash from teething, or if we’re going to be out somewhere where tossing a diaper is just easier than carting around cloth ones.

We didn’t think we’d need something like a diaper genie originally, so we just got a small step trash can, but once our girl started on solid foods and we were using a few more disposables during the week, we realized just how necessary the diaper genie was. Just getting smacked in the face with poop smell upon opening the door to her room was enough to convince us that we needed a better system (and make us feel bad that our poor girl had been breathing that in while she slept, although it didn’t seem to phase her).

Babies”R”Us provided us with the Diaper Genie Elite. We had a choice of different colours and picked grey to match her room! It’s super easy to set up, fits perfectly right next to the change table and is easy to use. Just step on the pedal and the little hatch opens and hides the smelly stuff away with its extra plastic inner doors that keep the bag closed and the smell in. I had been a little skeptical since the trash can with a lid thing didn’t work out. To be honest, this just seemed like it might be a more expensive trash can with a lid at first, but apparently, I am sometimes wrong.

picture DP

Immediately after we started using it we noticed, no more smells wafting from our sweet girl’s room! Even after she’s had a few too many berries (or “babbies” as she likes to refer to them as). Now…a word of warning for all of you newbies out there like us…READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! DO NOT  forget to tie a knot in the end of the bag before using the Diaper Genie Elite. The Diaper Genie Elite comes pre-loaded with the bags, so we just started using it and didn’t even think about it. Then when you need to empty it, you open it up, pull down on the top of the bag, and run it through the handy little slicer in the unit to take out the bag. Then you’re SUPPOSED to tie a knot in the end that you just sliced (obviously…or not so obviously), to keep the diapers inside before you close up the front. So the first time we empty it, we pull out the bag, slice away, and close it up (no knot). We then had a Canada Day BBQ that included a group of our friends and in total 9 little rug rats running around; 6 of which are still in diapers…so as the day went on, the Diaper Genie Elite filled up with the diapers (and contents) of 6 different babies and toddlers between 8 months and 2.5 years old, all the while not being closed at the bottom to actually contain any of these diapers. Needless to say we found out this rule hard way the next morning; if you can smell something coming out of the diaper genie…and we definitely smelled something…you’re using it wrong! It was not fun dealing with that…and since our daughter was born our arrangement has been that daddy gets to deal with all evening and weekend diapers…guess who got to have fun emptying a whole stash of soiled, un-contained diapers from 6 different children? This guy.

Other than that first mishap, the diaper genie has been working great for us. When used properly, you don’t have to touch any of the soiled diapers, which keeps things clean and sanitary, plus the steps are easy and convenient which is great when trying to manage a busy life with baby. Even with using the cloth diapers, it’s nice to contain the dirty wipes we use so that they don’t cause a smell, and since we don’t go through as many disposables, it just means that the bag refills last longer for us. Definitely a worthy investment for convenience, and cleanliness in our house.

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