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MEDELA: 2-Phase Expression – How Nature’s Way Meets Medela Technology

People say that breastfeeding is natural and beautiful – and that is absolutely true! Moms often feel incredibly close to their babies physically, emotionally and psychologically during the time they breastfeed. Breastfeeding creates a feeling of bonding and protectiveness for the little one, and is the easiest, healthiest way to nourish a baby since it is a powerhouse of nutrients and is always ready whenever the baby is hungry. It is a symbiotically positive experience, since breastfeeding also offers special health benefits for mothers as well.

However, even though breastfeeding is a natural process that women have been doing for thousands of years, modern technology is constantly advancing, and has introduced ways to evolve the experience to match changing busy lifestyles and to help enhance the natural breastfeeding process. With the invention of the breast pump, technology has developed to make it easier for moms to get breastmilk to their babies, even if they have a busy work schedule outside the home, or even if they want to share feeding with a partner or their babies have a medical condition that makes it necessary to do exclusive pumping.

Moms are now using breast pumps to express breastmilk and Medela is constantly researching ways to create solutions empowered by technology that streamlines the synergy between the natural process of breastfeeding and the power of technology to complement it. The goal of this integration of technology is to create the most efficient way for pumps to mimic and replicate the “real” style of breastfeeding. Technology innovation can make it more efficient and build on the natural processes of nature. Medela was the first company in the world to create breast pumps that replicate a baby’s natural sucking behavior and natural nursing rhythm. These pumps use 2-Phase Expression for a higher standard of natural, comfortable, efficient breastmilk expression.

How Does 2-Phase Expression Work?

Babies do not suck the same way throughout the breastfeeding session – instead, they use a “two speed” sucking motion, where at first they suck quickly (but not too deeply), and then they switch to a slower, deeper suckling rhythm. The fast sucking motion stimulates the mother’s milk ejection reflex and gets milk to flow, and then the slower sucking draws out a larger volume of milk for the feeding phase.

2-Phase Expression is a “two speed” pumping process that emulates a baby’s natural suckling rhythms by switching from a fast to slow rhythm while the pump is operating. In Canada we only have pumps with 2-Phase Expression technology to replicate this same way of drawing milk out of the breast. Check out this video for details on how 2-Phase Expression works and why it is important.

Why Should You Use a Breast pump with 2-Phase Expression Technology?

This technology that mimics nature makes breast pumping easier and faster. By combining the two speeds – rapid stimulation and slower expression – your breast pump works in a way that is more effective while also being gentler. 2-Phase Expression technology can also help you keep up your milk supply. Because the pumping process feels so much like a baby’s natural sucking behaviour, it supports an easier transition between nursing a baby and pumping. These 2-Phase breast pumps “trick” your breasts into thinking that an actual baby is sucking, instead of a pump. This can make for more efficient breast pumping sessions, especially for moms who might have struggled with milk production. And when you use the highest suction strength that still feels comfortable, they also save time – since the pumping process is more efficient, they let you express more milk more quickly.

All Medela breast pumps offer 2-Phase Expression technology including:
Pump in Style


2-Phase Expression is a perfect example of nature and technology working in perfect synergy, complementing each other to make breastfeeding a wonderful experience.

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