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MUNCHKIN: The Best Kept Secret in Baby Bottles

When I heard the news that I was going to become a mom, I couldn’t be more ecstatic to hit the baby aisles and pick out all the new baby items to fill a nursery. What I wasn’t anticipating was HOW MUCH there was to choose from. Bottles, pacifiers, wipes, diapers…you get it. Literally, hundreds of brands and options lined the shelves, so instead of being the happy glowing newly pregnant mom leaving the store with her newfound baby gear, I found myself overwhelmed hitting up the snack aisle instead.

Before I was going to venture out again I decided I would do a little research and ask some fellow moms what their favorite items were. The bottle aisle in particular was especially confusing to me. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hum to myself “99 bottles” while staring at the endless wall of options. In my parenting journey, something that was important to me was breastfeeding. I’m sure as all of us moms know we can’t always be there to physically breastfeed our kids. So, if I planned to succeed and do anything without my baby always attached to me, bottles were a necessity. I started asking my fellow veteran moms, “What’s your favorite bottle?” I received all different answers for different reasons. How complicated could a bottle be? It’s a nipple and a bottle, right?

No, Mama it’s not…

After hearing about multiple bottle types, I decided to do my own research. When I got to Munchkin’s Latch Bottle I discovered that it’s a bottle actually made to help easily transition from breast to bottle and back. Why is EVERYONE not telling me about this!? And it’s doctor recommended, too. Fast forward to my baby being born, I finally got to put this “magic” transitional bottle to the test. Success! Within the first try my baby was hooked (no pun intended)–and my baby had no problem going back to breastfeeding. The folks over at Munchkin really did their homework with this one. The nipple for starters is uniquely shaped and made to be ultra-flexible, working and moving just like a breast would. The unique flexibility allows the baby to control the milk flow by applying pressure to the base of the nipple, which is what makes the transition between breast to bottle and back stress-free. Another great feature is the anti-colic valve, located at the base of the bottle, it minimizes air flow through the milk reducing gas and fussiness. I’m sure we’ve all heard the nightmarish stories about colicky babies being kept up at night, so anything to avoid endless crying (from all parties involved), sign me up!

Did I mention this bottle also helps promote better sleeping and feeding? Yes, I said SLEEP better. Doctors findings show that 30% of babies may have trouble sleeping and up to 35% of babies with colic or reflux have sleeping difficulties. The design of the Latch bottle helps reduce all these challenges. A team of trusted doctors and sleep consultants put this bottle to the test and found that with the patent-pending combination of an ultra-flexible nipple and a one-way colic valve reduces gas and relieves colic and reflux symptoms. Now maybe we both can sleep a little better. You know sleep? That lovely, lovely thing none of us get to experience anymore. Studies have shown that a new mom can lose up to 2 hours of sleep per night and up to 700 hours of sleep in the first year of a baby’s life. Fills coffee cup again.

It’s also worth mentioning that on the mommy grapevine we talk a lot about the frustrations of bottle washing. Not only is it time consuming, but it’s labor intensive. I see moms in forums competing about how many bottle parts they washed in a day, as if it’s some sort of trophy earning activity. Cleaning Latch is easy. I wish I could promise something like it washes itself, but I don’t think technology is there just yet. But, I can promise that you won’t be winning the bottle parts washing trophy when you use it.

From one tired mama to another, who just wants to feed her baby, enjoy a little baby-free time, and maybe even squeeze in some extra sleep, I couldn’t recommend trying out Latch more. I’m letting the secret out that THIS is the bottle to use. Next time you’re walking the wall of bottles, reach for Munchkin’s Latch Bottle!

By Munchkin

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