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NUK: 7 Best Soothing Tips Ever!

Babies can cry up to 3 hours per day. It’s completely normal but can cause you a ton of stress. Don’t worry – these tried and true soothing solutions from Moms who’ve been there already can help save the day.

Soothing 1

1. Bounce your baby!

“My baby loves being bounced up and down but my knees can’t take it. So I dug out my old exercise ball to sit on while I bounce. It’s a good workout too!” — Sofia F

 2.  One word: Pacifiers.

Babies have an innate need to suck and pacifiers are a great way to soothe and calm a baby (and Mom too!). Use one with a truly orthodontic nipple such as NUK Airflow Pacifiers so it fits your baby’s mouth naturally like your nipple. That way, it supports nursing and doesn’t cause nipple confusion.

Airflow Pacifier  Airflow Pacifier_2

3. Skin to skin contact.

Undress your baby (keep her diaper on) and hold her against your bare chest. She’ll love the skin to skin contact and you will too!

Soothing 2

4. White noise.

You might find it irritating but your baby will enjoy it. Why? White noise is similar to the sounds they hear in the womb so it’s familiar and comforting to your baby. Try an air purifier, humidifier or a sound machine.

5Walk around.

Put your baby in a sling or baby carrier and walk around the house. Your baby will enjoy the gentle swaying and being close to you.

6. Goof it up.

Make a weird noise or blow a raspberry.

Soothing 3

7. Take a Mommy time-out.

Honestly, sometimes nothing works. So focus on calming yourself instead. Put your baby in his crib and take a 10 minute timeout for yourself.

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