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PLAYTEX BABY: Are we there yet? Travelling and feeding on-the-go made easy!

As any parent will tell you, travelling with children is never boring.  Whether you’re in your own car, on a train or in a plane, there is always the dreaded fear that something has been forgotten or that something will go wrong.

To help prepare you for your next family vacation, Playtex Baby™ has tips to keep you, your children and the rest of your travelling companions happy and calm.

Planning your trip:

Try and book your trip around your children’s sleep schedule. If they tend to sleep well early in the afternoon, schedule your departure for nap time.

If you haven’t given your baby a bottle yet, test out some bottle options before your trip to make sure you find one that works for both of you. The most like Mom™ Naturalatch® nipple from Playtex Baby™ has a raised texture area that helps baby latch on naturally and the pre-sterilized liner gently collapses like Mom’s breast as baby feeds for an easy natural feeding.

When flying or taking a train, book a nonstop trip. Getting off one mode of transportation and rushing to catch another with kids and baggage isn’t fun for anyone.

What to pack:

Make sure you pack extra outfits for everyone, including yourself, in case of spills, accidents or lost luggage.

If you’re travelling with a baby, bring extra bottles like the Playtex Baby™ Nurser with Drop-ins® Liners. Pre-formed, pre-sterilized disposable liners means a fresh, clean bottle anytime, anywhere

Any toys your kids can’t live without, such as their favourite stuffed animal or a special blanket that could make a long trip more tolerable.

By thinking ahead and trying to plan according to your children’s schedules and needs, travelling will end up being a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

For more information on Playtex Baby™ products that can make traveling easier, visit the Playtex Baby™ Shop Page.

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