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Safe Exploring

safeHave a little crawler on your hands? She’s raring to go, and while she builds her gross motor skills, she will try and get into all sorts of places… including some that are not so safe.
We can help you create a secure place for baby to roam by putting a physical barrier between your child and any danger zones, like staircases.
Security gates will let your little one explore, all within safe limits.
As parents, we are excited to see our children crawl and eventually start taking those first steps. But babies have no sense of danger, so we must keep them safe by closing off hallways, doorways and staircases.


There are 2 types of security gates: pressure and hardware mounted.

Pressure-mounted gates can be installed quickly as they do not require any drilling into walls. Instead, they expand and simply push against the side of the walls to stay in place. For high-traffic areas, repeatedly removing and reinstalling a gate can be inconvenient, so choosing a gate that stays in place with a door in the middle is a better option. Note: NEVER use a pressure-mounted gate at the top of your stairs.

Hardware-mounted gates are to be used at the top of your stairs. Using screws and brackets, the gate is secured to the wall or bannister. You’ll find these gates in a wide range of sizes available to fit various widths. You can use hardware-mounted gates anywhere in your home, but ALWAYS use one for the top of the stairs.

Want to create a secure play area?

Just as the name suggests, a free-standing gate is not mounted to a wall. These gates are used to create designated play areas for your little one. They can also be used as a divider for a home with unusual spaces.

“I would like to close off my dining room, but it’s a large area.” No problem. If you have a wide space to secure, then a wide-span gate is the solution for your home and can accommodate a span of up 12”.

Together we can make your home a safe place for mini movers to explore.

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