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SEALY: Top 6 Tips: What To Look For When Shopping For A Baby’s Crib Mattress

1. Innerspring Coils & Foam-Core: These are the two main types of crib mattress cores. Innerspring coil crib mattresses have been popular over the years because they are highly durable, made from heat-tempered steel that creates strength and resilience, supports baby’s growing body weight, and they bounce back into shape as baby moves. More coils create a firmer feel overall so upgrade to higher coil counts when possible. Foam mattresses have improved in their performance in recent years, and offer a lightweight option that absorbs baby’s movement while offering a uniform surface throughout the mattress core. Materials like soy enhanced polyurethane foam and bonded polyester are two options to choose from, each offering a unique supportive feel.

2. Enhanced Support Features: Just like adult mattresses, your baby’s mattress offers firmness and support enhancements that really make a difference in overall feel. Upgrade to border wire or corner protectors, which keep the sides, corners and edges firm, perfect for when your toddler sits on the edge of the bed, or look for weight distribution systems and corner protectors that keep the center of the mattress even over time.

3. Comfort Upgrades: Hypoallergenic layers of cushioning and support come in variety of materials. Polyester is the most popular because it is firm, supportive and very comfortable, bouncing back into shape for safety. Cotton and organic cotton create softness while the latest innovations like memory foam and cool gel are more premium comfort materials. Look for memory foam top layers for your baby’s mattress that can be flipped from a firmer side to the softer memory foam side.

4. Waterproofing: Whether you purchase a laminate or fabric covered baby mattress, make sure it offers a waterproof feature. From leaky diapers to spills you want to make sure the mattress surface can easily be cleaned and that wetness cannot seep inside the mattress. Look for waterproof binding which will keep the edges from trapping moisture. Fabric covered crib mattresses are more breathable on baby’s skin, but vinyl mattresses clean easier with a damp cloth. You can always add an encasement and a fitted waterproof crib mattress pad for extra protection.

5. Two-Stage Dual Firmness: If you purchase a standard size crib or toddler bed, crib mattresses will fit into both, growing with your child. Two-stage dual firmness mattresses offer a firmer infant side and a softer toddler side. Put your newborns on their backs to sleep on the firmer infant side, then around 18 to 24 months depending on child’s development, flip the mattress to the toddler side for a slightly softer surface for more comfort. Standard crib mattress sizes are 132 cm by 71 cm and are not thicker than 15.24 cm when measured from seam to seam or edge to edge.

6. Testing & Certifications: Look for brands that have a history of quality and safety testing. No crib mattress or baby product should ever claim it prevents SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) as those are not proven claims. Instead, crib mattresses meet chemical tests and flammability tests through Federal tests. Look for Greenguard Gold Certification, which has become very popular for baby mattresses because it means the materials were tested for over 100,000 chemicals and air quality so you can feel more confident your baby is not breathing in chemicals. Look for those that have durability testing and offer warranties on their products.

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