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Tips to help baby sleep, anywhere, anytime




Parents Agree

The secret to happiness and a great tripe lies with a baby that sleeps well.

Here, tips to help little ones get stress-free slumber while traveling both close-to-home and far away.

Sleep is a complicated issue, whether you’re sleep-deprived first-timers just trying to figure things out, or bleary-eyed moms and dads with older kids renegotiating through the wee hours as best they can. And that’s when you’re talking about bedtime in baby’s own bed, let alone when you’re not at home! So, if you’re wondering whether you’ll ever be able to travel to see friends and family again, the answer is “yes, of course!” And sooner rather than later with these tips for helping little ones catch zzz’s away from home.

Bring the Right Gear

  • Make sure baby has a place to rest her head that mimics her environment at home:
    This is a major part of sleep success on the road!
  • Pack a playard, bassinet (or pre-book a crib at your hotel)—and a sheet that has been washed in the same soap you regularly use for laundry (the familiar scent will be comforting!).Pack weather-appropriate pajamas laundered in the same detergent, too.Sleep Sheep
  • If your child sleeps with a white-noise machine, bring it along for the trip, or consider investing in a travel-sized device that makes a similar sound.
  • Finally, don’t forget any sleep aids your child is used to:
    If she relies on a soother, or usually falls asleep to a toy that sings lullabies, find room in the suitcase.

Be Consistent

Your child will adapt more easily to a new sleep scenario if his routine is the same as bedtime at home. For example, if your wee one is used to a warm bath, a few board books and some cuddles with Mom while nursing or having a bottle, do your best to stick to these steps. The same goes for timing: Keep schedules close to their everyday rhythm. (Note: If you’re changing time zones, just do the best you can by factoring in the difference in hours.)


Stage a Trial Run

A few days before your departure, set up your travel gear and practice for a couple of naps or evenings. Then the setting won’t be a surprise the first night you’re away from home. Some experts even suggest trying out a portable crib whether there’s a trip on the horizon or not, so it won’t be as stressful when you do have somewhere to go. And don’t wait until your little one is a toddler before attempting a night away —you’ll have a much better on-the-go sleeper if it’s a habit from the beginning.

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