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VTECH: Milestones with VTech Learning Toys

Ask The Expert Milestones: 9-12 Months
Dr. Lise Eliot 

Early Brain Development Expert
VTech Expert Panel Member

VTech, the creator of the Electronic Learning Products (ELP) category, is a world leader of age-appropriate learning products. Since 1980, VTech has been developing high-quality, innovative educational products that enrich children’s development through fun and smart play.

The Alphabet Activity Cube is one of VTech’s top-rated infant & preschool learning toys. The cube offers your child endless hours of learning fun with five interactive sides. Little builders will love the 13 double-sided building blocks that teach the alphabet.

Other sides of this electronic learning toy feature fun mechanical elements such as a peg maze, put-and-take holes that lead to a storage area, sliders, gears, a mirror and more! With activities that hit eight developmental stages, the Alphabet Activity Cube is a toy that grows with your child.

You will be amazed by your 9-12 month old child as they master their first words, begin crawling and walking, and become fascinated with cause-and-effect. You will have great fun watching as their little brains are really turning on at this age!

Here are some typical milestones you may see in your 9 – 12 month old:

  • Understands object categories like “cars” and “animals”
  • Knows how to retrieve an object even when it is out of view (object permanence)
  • Says first words like “dog” or “bottle”
  • Picks up books to be read to and points at pictures

  • Sits well and begins to stand alone
  • Crawls and claps hands
  • May take first steps without help

  • Fusses when an unfamiliar adult approaches (stranger anxiety)
  • Shows interest in pets and other family members
  • “Shows off” when rewarded with smiles and attention

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