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Watching Over You

monitors“I wish I had eyes and ears everywhere.” With so many demands on your time, parents often need to multi-task, but we also know that baby’s safety comes first. Baby monitors provide parents with much-needed peace of mind.

Audio to video (and everything in between), we have the baby monitor that matters to you.

“I want to be able to hear my baby at all times.” Digital audio monitors allow sounds from your baby’s room to be heard on the portable parent unit. And thanks to the high sensitivity microphone, you’ll be able to hear even the smallest cries, babbles and coos with crystal clear sound.

“I want to ensure my baby is sleeping safe and sound.” Movement and Sound Monitors have lots of extra features that will keep you feeling reassured, including an under-the-mattress sensor pad that lets you know within 20 seconds if no movement is detected in the crib.

“Just hearing my baby is not enough for me.” Video monitors allow you to see your sleeping infant or playing toddler on the video screen, from anywhere in your home. And with split screen capability, you can see both children at once. Some models feature pan, tilt and zoom functions, allowing you to remotely move the camera around the room. Also helpful if your baby likes to move around in his sleep. Other models also have the option of connecting multiple cameras – so you can place cameras in different rooms for convenience and flexibility.

“I want to peek in on my son while I’m at work.” Dual Mode Monitors do double duty: monitoring your baby at home on a parent unit and monitoring remotely on your smartphone, tablet or computer through a wifi connection. Choosing a model with pan, tilt and zoom functions, allows you to remotely move the camera for a clearer view. Some models feature 2-way communication, so even if you are far away from home, you can still speak to your baby and hear his response. You can even snap pics and record video on your smartphone.

Want to know more? Our helpful video breaks down the best features of each monitor.

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