The ultimate bonding experience is also the healthiest. There are so many advantages of breastfeeding (for both mom and tot) it’s definitely worth the time and practice to get the hang of it. Read for yourself!

The perfect food

Your breast milk changes according to your baby’s needs. The first few days it’s thick and full of immunities, exactly right for a newborn—and it continues to adapt as your baby grows.

Stronger immune system

Breast milk protects against allergies, ear infections and diarrhea. And breastfed babies have fewer illnesses during the first year.

Easy digestion

Breast milk is filled with over 100 nutrients that cannot be duplicated by formula, and it never causes constipation.

Normal weight gain

Breast milk promotes healthy, necessary weight gain in your baby, and helps protect against future obesity.

Heal your body

Breastfeeding causes your uterus to contract and helps bring it back to its normal, pre-pregnancy size.

Burn, baby, burn

Once your milk supply is built up, you’re burning between 200-500 calories a day. Sure beats the treadmill!

Reduce stress levels

Breastfeeding can help reduce stress levels, making you feel calmer and happier.

Strengthen the bond

Beyond its nutritional benefits, breastfeeding is emotionally nurturing as well. The physical contact and quiet time you share together while nursing is a deeply connecting experience.