After your first child, your breasts are working harder than they ever have (let’s face it, their day job up until now has been pretty simple). It’s confusing enough getting to know these changes in your body, let alone figuring out what kind of breast pump you want to use. The following is a review of the common types of breast pumps, to help you find the most efficient way to express milk, while keeping your “girls” safe and comfortable.

Manual breast pumps

Manual options are lightweight, quiet and portable. You manually compress the handle to express milk, using fingertip adjustable suction that allows you to choose what feels comfortable. Manual breast pumps are generally more economical, and some are as effective as electric pumps.

Double electric breast pumps

If the words “electric” and “breast” side-by-side make you nervous, don’t worry. Advances in technology have created electric breast pumps that offer moms a safe, comfortable and efficient pumping experience. An automated pumping action does the work for you, and produces more milk in less time by expressing it from both breasts simultaneously. Look for one with the maximum amount of personal control over the suction level and speed.

Battery-operated breast pumps

The best of both worlds! Battery-operated breast pumps combine the automated pumping of an electric pump, with the portability of a manual pump. Choose one that’s gentle and that gives you maximum control over your comfort.

Rental breast pumps

Renting a pump comes in handy if you plan on pumping exclusively or if you’re trying to maintain your milk supply after a multiple birth. Rental breast pumps are available for home use through hospitals and pharmacies.