Baby, meet breast.

If only it were that simple. Like many aspects of life with your new baby, breastfeeding is an adjustment. And while the many rewards outweigh the challenges, it still helps to have a strategy in place. To make the process as easy and effective as possible, here are some tools that every new mother can appreciate.

Nursing bras

Nursing bras are extremely convenient for feeding your newborn on demand or expressing milk when you’re away from home. Ideally, shop for the bra in your last trimester to ensure the best fit.

Breast shells

Breast shells protect sore nipples from further irritation, and also draw out flat or inverted nipples.

Breast pads

Breast pads protect clothes from leakage. Most pads are contoured to fit in your nursing bra in the most natural way.

Breast creams

Help soothe and heal sore nipples that can result from breastfeeding.

Nursing shawls/wraps

Nursing covers help you enjoy privacy while feeding your baby in public places.

Nursing clothes

While a tank top that allows baby easy access might do the job at home, clothing designed specifically for breastfeeding are more convenient while you’re out.

Burping cloths

Spit-ups are a frequent reality in the early months. Experienced parents recommend keeping at least 3 to 4 burping cloths handy while nursing.

Nursing pillows

Give your arms a rest by placing a nursing pillow on your lap, and your baby on the nursing pillow. The best nursing pillows are thick enough so you don’t have to bend over too much.