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Video Baby Monitors

image017Why listen for your baby sleeping when you can broadcast that sweet little face onscreen? If you prefer the peace of mind of seeing your baby sleeping in the other room, you might opt for a video baby monitor. An increasing number of options are available, and the following are some features to look for.

Seeing is relieving

Video monitors may have a small handheld monitor with audio that is easy to carry around, while other models feature a larger screen that can be mounted or placed in another room in your home. Concerned about being able to see your baby in a dark room? Look for a video monitor with night vision.

Web-compatible baby monitors

Another high-tech way to keep tabs on a sleeping baby is by purchasing a web-compatible, Wi-Fi video baby monitor. This model allows your computer monitor to double as a larger viewing option. It’s also a great way for long-distance grandparents to get a peek at their baby’s new baby.

Movement sensor baby monitors

Movement sensors alert you when your baby has stopped moving for more than 20 seconds. Although movement sensors are usually recommended only for certain at-risk babies, many parents say the sensor helps alleviate their concerns about SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Monitor misstep

A common frustration among parents and caregivers is the short battery life on some baby monitors. One way to avoid this is to find a monitor with rechargeable batteries or one that can be plugged into the wall. A wireless handset is nice to have because you can carry it throughout the house or take it outdoors while your baby naps, but the convenience falls short if the batteries are dead. So, if you have a monitor that relies on non-rechargeable batteries, be sure to stock up.

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