A Stylish Start

“I can’t believe a little baby will soon be wearing this,” you say, holding up a teeny sleeper. “MY baby.” In fact, she’ll be wearing many sleepers (and bodysuits, etc.), as you’ll probably be changing her clothes several times a day. The truth about babies: they can be very messy.

There are so many adorable patterns and prints available in baby clothing, however, when picking your little one’s wardrobe, you should choose soft and comfortable pieces, preferably without irritating tags or seams.

A sense of style can start, right from the very beginning.

Starting out, your newborn doesn’t really require a varied wardrobe, but the clothing they do need can still have flair. At Babies R Us, you can keep your baby cozy, comfortable and looking oh-so-cute.

Before crowding your little one’s closet, here are a few clothing must-haves:

One-piece outfits – they are ideal for playtime, tummy time and naptime

Bodysuits – these can be t-shirt and long shirt style; they slip easily over your baby’s head and snap at the crotch

Sweaters or jackets – zippers are the best choice as babies don’t generally like having clothes pulled over their head

Leggings and pull-on pants – the stretchy waistbands fit easily over your baby’s diaper and belly and expand as she grows

Sleepers – choose a style free of complicated snaps, so they’re easy to pull on and off

Socks – and lots of them. Socks or booties keep your baby’s feet warm in all seasons

Hats – wide-brimmed style (for a summer baby); soft and warm that covers her ears (for a winter baby)

At Babies R Us, you will find a wide assortment of styles for the first 24 months that are cute, comfortable and convenient… and practical for the season – lighter in the summer, warmer in the winter.

Turn dressing your baby into a bonding moment.

Every moment with your little one can be special. While putting on each piece, try cooing, talking and singing to your baby… and she will make the connection that getting dressed = special moments with mommy and daddy.

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