Stroller Accessories: Top Considerations

The stroller is one of the most important baby gear purchases you’ll make. Here are some things to consider, plus practical (and fun!) accessories you can buy.

Finding the right fit

The key to choosing a baby stroller isn’t that much different from choosing a car: find the make and model that suits your lifestyle. If you’re going to be in and out of the car a lot, a lightweight stroller is ideal (make sure you can lift it into the trunk before you buy). If you’re more of a walker, an easy-to-push full-size stroller with all the bells and whistles makes sense. Twins? A double stroller is a no-brainer.

Making it easy with a carrier

You’re driving to the mall and your baby has juuuust drifted off. How do you make the transfer from car seat to stroller without waking up sleeping beauty? Easy. You don’t. Snap ’n Go-style strollers are designed for this exact situation. Infants love to feel contained and cozy in their car seats, and an infant car seat carrier allows you to keep them that way while you’re on the move. Moms everywhere call that a win-win.

Keeping warm

You’re slogging through snow with your stroller stressing over whether your baby is warm enough. Not fun. An easy way to keep their tootsies toasty: snuggle bags, one of the best baby stroller accessories you can buy. When you look down to see how comfy and snug your bundled-up baby is, you’ll wish you could jump in there with them.

Weather protection

Rain, snow, wind, sun and the prying eyes of admirers are just some of what your baby may face while safely strapped in the stroller. A stroller cover is a must-have accessory for inclement days (or when the kid’s just feeling shy). Keep them dry with a basic, transparent rain cover or pull out a sunshade with UV blockers on those bright days. Covers are foldable and can be tucked into storage underneath the stroller; and there’s an option for every occasion, including nap time.


Yes, a good stroller keeps the baby safe and comfortable while you’re on the go, but that’s only half the story. Babies come with a lot of gear and the last thing you want to be doing is carrying it all Sherpa-style on your back. Fortunately, there are a ton of organizers and holder accessories designed just for strollers. There are clips to hold your bags, cup holders for that all-important morning coffee and pouches to tuck in essentials for Mom and baby.

Stroller toys

When you’re waiting at the doctor’s office or in line at the coffee shop, you’ll thank yourself for investing in stroller toys to keep your kids busy and entertained. What sets a stroller toy apart from a regular one are the clips. The arches, activity trays and characters attach to the stroller frame, meaning they can’t be flung to the ground in a fit of excitement or when a sudden mood change strikes. Better for your back and safer for innocent bystanders.

All-in-one strollers

Are you a multi-tasker? Then you’ll appreciate a travel system for its all-in-one efficiency. Buying a car seat and stroller with one purchase makes life easier and means they’re compatible both structurally and aesthetically. Travel systems come in all configurations, including jogging strollers and lightweight options; and they typically include ample storage. A wide range of colours and styles are available for all tastes. But choose carefully—remember, they’re built to last!

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