Experience in-store shopping – from the safety and convenience of your home.

  1. Contact your local store by phone or email to start shopping or, during busy periods, to schedule a session.
  2. Store staff will connect with you via FaceTime or your preferred video application to get started shopping! Staff will provide recommendations, walk you through the store and provide demonstrations of items you're interested in. Staff will fill an online cart filled with the items you want to purchase.
  3. When you're finished shopping, staff will check out for you online and process your order as either for Curbside Pick-up or for Delivery to your home via DoorDash. Curbside Pick-up orders can be paid right from your vehicle when you arrive to collect your order; DoorDash order payments will be processed online.

Get started by booking with your local store!

Virtual Shopping FAQ

Visit our Store Locator page to find contact information for your preferred location – then simply call or email.
Please leave your contact information on the store voicemail or call back again – we look forward to talking with you!
Staff can connect with you via Zoom, Skype or Facebook video chat.
We can generally fulfill Curbside Pick-up orders within 1 to 3 hours: you’ll receive a confirmation email when it’s time to head out to your preferred store.
For Curbside Pick-up orders, you can pay by credit card online, or using debit or credit when you arrive at the store. For Delivery orders via DoorDash, you must pay online using a cfredit card.
Yes: we’ll have your special Gift Bag ready when you come to collect any gift item at Curbside Pick-up, too.